cat vs dog

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Cats come out on top - Cats more popular than dogs per recent study. Which is more popular - dogs or cats? Recent news...


avoid volunteer burnout

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  “I’m so tired and sad. I work long hours taking care of the animals, and it seems like I never help them all. I...


dog behavior

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  As a dog guardian, you may find yourself developing certain habits that not only reflect badly on you and your dog, but also set...
clicker training

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  Clicker training is a method used to train animals of any kind to repeat wanted behaviors by marking and reinforcing them. Clicker training works especially well...


cancer in dogs

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Who would have thought that cancer would become the leading cause of death in dogs over 10-years old. Cancer simply means that certain cells...
EFT For Pets

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  Advocates claim that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) may be used to treat a wide variety of physical and psychological disorders in pets, and as...
dog dental care

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  Although fresh breath and pearly whites are a benefit of brushing your dog’s teeth, doing so is actually a vital part of ensuring your...

Photo of the Day

laser therapy

Dexter sporting his protective eye wear during his laser therapy at the Ga Veterinary Rehabilitation Clinic.



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