pet flipping

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  What is pet flipping?  Pet flipping is, basically, the practice whereby someone obtains a dog (or animal) for free or by stealing one and...
dog appreciation day


canine detection

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  A dog’s sense of smell is a thousand times better than a human’s.  Dogs also have the amazing ability to sniff through “layers” of...


dog behavior

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  As a dog guardian, you may find yourself developing certain habits that not only reflect badly on you and your dog, but also set...


catnip information

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Cats and catnip go together like humans and caffeine. Cats usually love catnip. They'll start acting strange. Running around the house. Playing with toys,...
cat diet


0 2554 and Our pets are family in our eyes.  That makes it very important when searching for that special someone that they will share...


dogs that don't shed

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  There are many breeds that shed very little hair and/or skin cells.  These are perfect for allergy sufferers who wish to enjoy the love...

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