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Lois Four-year-old female terrier-American-pit-bull mix. Picked up as an injured stray with large bite wounds on her neck, February 28, 2014. Available for...


shelter dogs cuddling

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Shelter dogs cuddling at Fulton County Animal Shelter Shelter Dogs Cuddling Photos Go Viral Wagbrag receives emails on a daily basis about dogs in need...


clicker training

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  Clicker training is a method used to train animals of any kind to repeat wanted behaviors by marking and reinforcing them. Clicker training works especially well...

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AUTHORED BY: Russ Boles and Susan Giordano - K9U Training & Behavior Modification. All dogs naturally know how to swim, right?  Wrong!  Depending upon the breed, some...


EFT For Pets

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  Advocates claim that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) may be used to treat a wide variety of physical and psychological disorders in pets, and as...
dog dental care

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  Although fresh breath and pearly whites are a benefit of brushing your dog’s teeth, doing so is actually a vital part of ensuring your...
laser therapy for pets

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One of the most exciting, alternative treatments available is laser therapy for pets. According to the GA Veterinary Rehabilitation Clinic, “Laser therapy for pets...

Photo of the Day

laser therapy

Dexter sporting his protective eye wear during his laser therapy at the Ga Veterinary Rehabilitation Clinic.



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