dog owners happier than cat owners

STUDY: Dog Owners Are Happier Than Cat Owners

The great debate over pets continues.. According to a new study from Manhattanville College in New York, it seems dog owners are happier people than cat...
homeless dog video, pet adoption, dog adoption

Homeless Dog Video Encourages Pet Adoption

Homeless Dog Video Sheds Light On The Large Number of Animals In Need Of Adoption https://youtu.be/xPwG6Ib65HQ This video is about a dog named "Max" and it...
tanu japanese raccoon dog

Everyone’s Falling In Love With The Japanese Raccoon Dog

Is it a dog? Is it a raccoon? Well, neither, really? The internet is abuzz over Tanu, a Japanese animal called tanuki, or in English, a...
george clooney adopts dog

MAN OF THE YEAR: George Clooney Adopts Another Shelter Dog

As if we didn't already love George Clooney, the actor goes out and adopts another rescue dog, this one from Ohio! According to LuvFurMutts Animal Rescue in...

Dog Runs Alabama Half-Marathon Better Than Most

How many times have you let your pup out of the house to relive himself/herself? Probably more times than you can count. It's a...
best watchdog breeds

10 Best Watchdog Breeds To Consider

Best Watchdog Breeds Even the most cuddly dog can, by nature, be considered a good watchdog. You see, some breeds inherently bark and make noise...
dog gets wheelchair

Uplifting Video: Paralyzed Dog Tries Wheelchair For The First Time

VIDEO: A paralyzed dog gets new doggie wheelchair.   Bookie is one of those dogs you'll always remember. Not because of his disability but instead for...
peta petco

BREAKING: PetSmart & Petco Supplier Caught Freezing Hundreds Of Animals

Disclaimer: WagBrag is in no way affiliated with PETA, nor do we necessarily agree with its status. This article is intended to bring light to...
rottweiler facts

31 Reasons Why Rottweilers Are The Best

Rottweiler Facts We recently took a look at how incredible pit bulls, very misunderstood dogs, are as a breed. Similar to pitties, Rottweilers are also...
pit bull facts

20 Pit Bull Facts That Every Dog Owner Needs To Know

Pit Bull Facts It's no secret that pit bulls have a bad rap. The breed is significantly misunderstood, and portrayed in the media as dangerous,...
catisfy to satisfy, jackson galaxy

Create a Cat-Friendly Home with Tips from Jackson Galaxy

Talking With Jackson Galaxy I spoke to Jackson Galaxy for this article, and it was an honor. I've been a fan of his work with...
dog rescue, dog adoption

Dog Found Tied To Post – Looking For A Forever Home

Back in December, something caught Adam's eye when he was leaving a park in Atlanta, GA.  He saw something off in the distance. It...



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Car Safety Tips When Traveling With Pets

We love our pets around us all the time so why wouldn’t we want to take them on vacation with us? It’s really hard...
Afgahan hounds

The Afghan Hound

History of the Afghan Hound The Afghan Hound originated in Afghanistan.  They are elegant, ancient dogs dating back more than 4000 years ago.  Pictures have been...