CatFi Prevents Overeating Using Facial Recognition

catfi product image
catfi product image

Many of us have hectic schedules that require us to be away from home, and our cats, for extended periods. Sometimes we have to have trusted relatives or friends feed our cats, or just let your cat wait until you get back home. Sometimes a cat parent will have an automatic feeder out so their cat can eat whenever she is hungry. This is a sure way for a cat to become overweight, and that will cause many health problems.

CatFi is the  solution to this problem.

Benefits of CatFi

  • Indicates changes in your cat’s appetite and eating habits
  • Prevents overeating
  • Helps you to assess how much your cat is actually eating
  • Standing tray weighs your cat
  • Contains both food and water trays so you can be assured that you are getting good data about whether your cat is not only getting regulated food, but that they are also getting adequate hydration

How Does It Work?

CatFi has many fascinating features that allow for greater control of your cat’s diet and health. The system has both a feeding tray and a water tray with built in load sensors and cameras for its facial recognition software.

When your cat enters the feeder or water platform there is a camera that takes a video and sends it to a live server that is running the facial recognition software for cats. Now the system can begin to collect data and dispense the right amount of food based on the data you provided initially about your cat. When you visit the veterinarian you can provide him with accurate information about how much your cat is eating and drinking.

CatFi is an amazing new product for cat parents that will ease worry about their cat’s nutrition AND prevent overeating. No other cat feeder has this technology.


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