Stunning Photos Of Beautiful Shelter Dogs – Capturing The Spirit Of Animals In Need


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Milo – Found as a stray. Hoping to be rescued. Located at the Walton County Animal Control Shelter in Monroe, GA.

Take note – this is how you take great photos of animals in shelters!

Theses photos, taken by, are stunning – they capture the spirit and soul of the animal., supported by William Wise Photography, features dogs and cats that are available for adoption at the Walton County Animal Control Shelter. The shelter is located in Monroe, GA – about an hour drive east of Atlanta.

Why Are Great Photos Of Homeless Pets So Important?

Unfortunately, like most of the county animal shelters in Georgia, Walton County Animal Control shelter is not a no-kill shelter. When conditions get crowded and they run out of space – they are left with no choice but to euthanize some of these unwanted pets.

In an effort to save these animals, photos along with the pet’s story (if any) are emailed to animal rescue groups. Now imagine that you are a rescue group and you are receiving hundreds of photos of dogs and cats in need of rescue from shelters across Georgia. That’s why having a great photo makes such a big difference. A great photo gives you the ability to look into the eyes of that animal – almost like your making a connection with that animal. A photo that makes an impact like that is almost guaranteed to help that dog or cat find rescue over an image of one in a blurry or out-of-focus picture.

Time Is Running Out For These Dogs

Walton County Animal Control is a small, open-intake, rural shelter with a wonderful staff who truly wants these innocent souls to make it to safety. They are very willing to work with licensed rescues from Georgia, as well as from Out of State. Time is always very limited for these animals, as this shelter receives approximately 200 impounds per month!

Scroll through the photos of these dogs whose time is running out at the Walton County Animal Shelter. Please share with your friends or contact the shelter if you would like to meet or adopt one of these great dogs. Adoption fee is only $40.

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