Got Milk? Raw Goat’s Milk For Pets


Ray Goat Milk

Why Raw Goat’s Milk?

Raw Goat Milk may be a supplement you want to add to your pet’s diet, especially if your pet has a sensitive or upset stomach.  Raw goat milk is believed to aid in the digestion process and provides essential vitamins, active probiotics and enzymes.  If you’re transitioning your dog to a new brand of food or nursing a sick tummy – you can mix in the goat’s milk with the dog food to help ease the process.  It’s also good to give as a frozen treat.  You can find goat milk at many of the pet specialty boutiques or you can order it online from Answers+.

It’s also believed to help alleviate allergies and help stop itching.  The probiotics help destroy yeast.  Yeast can form on many different part of your pet – including your pet’s ears and feet.  Sometimes those nasty hot spots can be blamed on yeast.  So by adding goat’s milk may help prevent those hot spots from forming.

Additionally, it can help relieve joint pain and arthritis symptoms. The enzymes in goat’s milk help alleviate inflammation in the joints.  It also can help improve circulation.

Safety Concerns

The milk in a “raw” form means it’s not pasteurized so there is debate and questions about safety, though many rave about its health benefits.  So, as we always say – when adding new supplements to your pets diet, always first discuss it with your veterinarian.


Photo:  Courtesy of Cordey via Flickr (CC by 2.0)

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