$1,000 Reward For Missing Dog, Koda


missing dog koda

The Day Koda Went Missing….

It was supposed to be a day of celebration for Connor Durkin. The day was December 17th and he was graduating from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA. But when Connor arrived back to his apartment, he could not find his dog, Koda. Connor searched throughout his place and eventually found a window that had been pushed out and was broken. It’s suspected that Kodo, who has mild separation anxiety, must have scratched hard enough to break out the window. And that’s when Koda then jumped out through the window in search of his owner.

Efforts To Find Lost Dog, Koda

Connor shared with me that he has “been through hell” in his search for his beloved dog. Missing dog signs are plastered up all around the GA Tech campus area. Connor told me that he’s visiting the local county animal shelters on almost a daily basis and talked exhaustively with the shelter staff. He has visited with local businesses around the area and has turned to social media – Connor said he was successful with getting Channel 2 News to tweet about missing Koda. He has asked animal control if they have picked up any dogs that have been hit by cars (can you imagine having to ask that question?!?). Connor even canceled his flight to Michigan where he was to spend Christmas with family and friends. Instead, he spent Christmas alone while out searching for Koda.

Doing All The Right Things

Connor adopted Koda about 6 months ago from Furkids, a non-profit animal rescue organization in Atlanta, GA. Furkids spays and neuters their animals before they are adopted. They even microchip them in the hopes to help reunite the pet with their human guardian in case they were to go missing. Connor contacted the microchip company to ensure that his contact information was correct and notify them of the situation.
missing dog soda
Connor and Koda
Koda curled up with his cat buddy.
Connor is doing everything possible to find his dog. He has gone above and beyond in the effort to find his lost pet. Even though he is doing all the right things, he still has no clue as to what happened to Koda and where he may be.

$1,000 Reward For Missing Dog Koda

Connor is offering $800 of his graduation money as a reward for the return of Koda. His parent’s are providing another $200. That’s a $1,000 reward for the missing dog!
While it’s illegal for anyone to sell a pet through Craigslist, it does happen. I went to Craigslist and did a search on “dog for sale” and the first thing that came up was Connor’s $1,000 reward missing dog flyer. That’s a smart thing to do to help discourage ‘pet flipping’.

Why has Koda Not Been Found?

It’s now New Year’s and Koda is still missing. Conner shared with me that, “Koda is not shy. He loves people”. He is smart and although only about 8 months old, he knows several basic obedience queues. 
The frustration of not being able to find Koda is heartbreaking but Conner is trying to remain positive and optimistic. Connor and his family request that you share this story with the hope that someone will know find Koda.

Koda’s Description

missing dog koda










Koda is about 55 lbs. Brown and tan colors. Very social and loves people.

If you find Koda or know of his whereabouts:

Please contact Connor at 954-536-8278



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