Bone Broth – Good For Pets With Upset Stomachs


Here’s a quick tip for what to do if your dog has an upset stomach. I recently stumbled upon bone broth. Not only is it good for your pet’s upset tummy. It has many other health benefits for dogs and cats. Bone broth is full of nutrients and is considered a “super” food.

bone broth health benefits for pets

Top Bone Broth Health Benefits For Pets

  • Bone Broth is great for dogs or cats with sensitive stomachs and digestive issues. Bone broth contains Gelatin which aids in the digestive process and helps reduce stomach acid.
  • It can also be useful to help maintain a healthy liver. Bone broth contains glycine – an important element that the liver needs to detoxify.
  • Another key element that bone broth includes is Collagen.  Collagen is needed for healthy joints. It’s loaded with glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • If your pet is feeling puny, bone broth can help give his immune system a boost. Additionally, the minerals and glycine can help regulate the stomach bile and acid.
  • Cat lovers are going to love this next tip. Sherly Watson is the co-owner and manager at Pets Marketplace, an all-nature pet food store in Smyrna, GA. She shared with me that, “bone broth can also help prevent urine crystals”. Your pet needs to stay hydrated in order to avoid urine crystals. Adding a flavor enhancer – like bone broth – to your dog’s or cat’s water dish is a great way to encourage and entice them to drink more.

Consider This First Before Making Bone Broth For Your Pet

You can easily google bone broth recipes for pets.  There are many good recipes to choose from. However, keep in mind that some ingredients can be toxic to pets. For example, a common ingredient found in store bought bone broth for human consumption is onions. Onions need to be avoided since they are toxic to dogs and cats.

Most of the recipes are pretty simple and are not difficult to make. But if you plan on making homemade bone broth it will take several hours to cook before it’s ready for your pet to consume. That’s not ideal for those of us with a hectic lifestyle. Thankfully many of your pet retailers, like Pets Marketplace, carry already made bone broth.

Looking For More Tips On How To Help Ease Your Pet’s Upset Stomach?

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