4 Safety Tips for Your Cat During Halloween


halloween catBlack Cats Are Not Bad Luck

Everyone who has ever owned or loved a black cat knows there is absolutely no way they are bearers of bad luck. However, the superstition persists, and Halloween is a time when these fallacies are brought back into the limelight. There are also groups that believe Halloween is the prime time to perform animal sacrifices for rituals and rites, making it a bad season to be an outdoor pet. For this reason, many black cat parents know to keep their cats indoors on Halloween night. Unfortunately, it is just not safe to let your pet roam outside. When All Hallows Eve rolls around this year, you’ll be a prepared cat parent. Here are a few safety tips for your cat during Halloween.

4 Safety Tips

  1. Keep Your Cat Indoors. Although your cat should be an indoor-only cat already, you have to be extra careful if you are going to be opening your door often to hand out candy. Keep your fur baby in another room with the door closed during this time. Leave him with some food, water, his litter box, and some toys. When it’s all over, open the door and shower him with attention and love.
  2. No candy! Do not let your cat eat candy or the wrappers. Obviously, cats shouldn’t eat candy, and can have very bad reactions to foreign foods, especially chocolate (which is toxic to cats). Plastic, foil, or paper wrappers can get lodged in a cat’s throat or stomach, causing a blockage that would require a veterinarian to surgically remove. Keep the wrappers in the trash or recycle and any Halloween candy out of reach of your cats.
  3. Watch out for Halloween Decorations. One of the best parts about Halloween is the decorations, right? Well cats think so too. Black and orange tinsel, ribbon, hay, lights, cobweb material, fake spiders- you name it. Cats love playing with fun, shiny things. Make sure your decorations are fixed securely to the surface it rests upon, and keep them out of reach of your cats. If you can’t keep the Halloween decorations out of your cat’s reach, then it’s best to not have any decorations at all.
  4. Pumpkins can be Dangerous. Pumpkins, an important symbol of fall and Halloween, are not exactly a feline’s best friend. For one, carving pumpkins is a lot of fun, and cats can be very curious about what is inside this new hole you have so generously created for them. Leave the pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns outdoors until they are ready for the trash so your indoor-only cat has no access to it.

Keep your cats in mind while preparing for Halloween. Use these safety tips for your cat during Halloween. Remember: don’t trick your cats, and give them lots of treats!

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