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5 Pet Traveling Tips That Will Surprise You

Moving to a new house and moving jobs are some of the most stressful life changes you’ll come across.  Add in 10 thousand miles distance and it’s even worse!  Trust me, I’ve done it and we learned a lot about the process of traveling and moving with our pets. I’m going to share with you five facts you probably didn’t know about when moving overseas with your pet.

Back in 2014, my husband and I moved from Canada to Australia.  Sorry, my husband, me and our two furbabies.  Meet Saus and Poki…

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Saus and Poki

There was never any question over whether or not we would bring the cats when we moved.  We’re one of those couples who considers our pets as part of our family.  Of course, for others this can be a difficult decision.  The cost can be prohibitive and if your pet has any health conditions, travelling by air can make it worse. You should consider what’s best for your pet above all, rather than your own needs and wants.

We were very lucky.  Our cats were both under two years old when they moved and they were given a clean bill of health by their vet.  Saus was told to lose a bit of weight before the trip because she was slightly chubby (it can impair breathing in combination with the pressure in flight), but we simply stopped giving her treats and she succeeded in just a few weeks.

That said, even though we didn’t hit any major roadblocks during the process, it was still much more difficult than moving ourselves around the world.  Here are 5 of the most surprising things we learned from the experience.  I hope it will be of some help if you’re considering moving with your pets too.

5 Surprising Pet Traveling Tips

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