6 Cat Litter Box Tips


© Can Stock Photo Inc. andreykuzminThe litter box is one of the most convenient parts of having a cat. But that doesn’t mean that litter boxes do not come with their set of issues. If you want to keep your litter box fresh, clean and out of sight, these are the six best litter box tips to use so you have a harmonious and clean-smelling home.

 1. Litter Box Placement

Where you put the litter box is important so that your cat uses it every time, and so your home doesn’t smell of cat excrement. Avoid areas of your home that have extreme temperature changes that is different from the rest of your house such as in the basement where it can be chilly, or near your dryer where it is steamy. Extreme hot and cold places like these can affect the cat litter and bring out the smell. Keep it in an area that is the same temperature as the rest of the house.

2. Natural Works Best

If you think that buying the high-priced scented kitty litter is doing you any favors, think again. Most cats are not a fan of the high scented kitty litters and will choose to avoid them. If you want to make sure that your litter box doesn’t have any odors coming from it, baking soda works better than any scented product. Baking soda doesn’t work by covering the scent; it works by absorbing it. Put a thin layer of baking soda at the bottom of the tray when changing it to make sure that the litter box stays fresh.

 3. Don’t Let It Accumulate

You don’t like to use a toilet that isn’t clean, and neither does your cat (who is probably much more pickier than you are). Scoop the litter box daily to keep it clean. Change out the litter completely once a week (or more often for more cats) to keep the litter fresh. Cats are very particular about their litter boxes being clean, and will avoid them if they are not.

 4. If You Switch, Give Them Time

If you are going to switch products remember that you may not have been happy with the old, but your cat may have been. Before you cut them cold turkey, gradually replace the old with a mixture of the new. Keep adding smaller amounts until the trade off is undetectable.

 5. Dont Ask Them To Share

Give them some privacy by giving each cat her own litter box. The general rule is that you need one litter box per cat plus one. Cats don’t like sharing or waiting to go.

cat litter box tips

 6. Dont Over Clean It

If you have a litter box that has some odors that seem to be permanent, it is better just to toss it and start over. Harsh chemicals cannot only be toxic, they can be harmful to your cat. If your cat doesn’t like what you have done, they are likely to boycott the box, and we all know what that means for you.

Lastly, if something isn’t broken, don’t fix it. If you aren’t having any major problems with the kitty box now, leave it alone. Cats don’t really take to change very well, and you could be making things tougher on your both.

Keep the litter box clean, in a warm area (not too hot or cold), avoid change unless absolutely necessary, and don’t make your kitties share litter boxes.

How do you keep your cat happy with the litter box?

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