7 Safe Essentials Oils for French Bulldogs


Did you know that it is safe to use essential oils on your dog? That’s right- your beloved pet can enjoy the same sensations, scents and benefits that you do when you use essential oils.

People know about the ways that essential oils can help them feel calmer, treat their medical conditions and soothe their skin, and a lot of people are starting to find out about how these same oils can offer similar benefits to their dogs.

However, not every essential oil is safe for your dog. If you have a French bulldog, then you need to be careful about how you care for it and what you put on its skin. That includes essential oils, and some of these can actually be toxic to your dog. That’s why we put together this list, and you can use it to help you find the right essential oil for your dog.


This is the go-to essential oil for most people. They love the scent and the various benefits it offers. It can do the same for your dog. It’s mild scent won’t be too irritating to the sensitive nose of the French bulldog. This oil will also soothe your dog and relax its nerves.

It helps to alleviate itchiness and makes your dog’s skin feel amazing. French bulldogs are small and adorable, and you have to be careful about what kind of oils you use on them. The wrong kind could cause significant harm, but this is a gentle oil that won’t give your dog any trouble.

Roman Chamomile

This is another soothing oil, but Roman chamomile has a more specific treatment area than lavender does. It is especially great at treating soft tissue, so if your dog experiences a sprain, strain or bruise, then rubbing this oil on it can alleviate their pain and help them heal better.


This oil is typically used to treat fungal infections. It offers therapeutic sensations that your dog will love and that will help to calm it, and at the same time it can be getting rid of a nasty fungal infection. You can use it anywhere on the exterior of your dog where fungus is starting to form. You will most commonly use it on the feet and around the ears.


This is a medical essential oil, and you can use it to treat a wide variety of ailments that your dog may experience. It is especially useful for treating inflammation, as it reduces inflamed areas and soothes the skin to allow healing. Yarrow can also stop bleeding and relieve the irritation caused by wounds and bites. It’s a great essential oil to keep in your vehicle or to take with you whenever you go for a hike with you dog. You want it on hand when your dog becomes injured, because yarrow can come in very useful and will help your French bulldog make it through the pain.


This is a stimulating oil, and it helps your dog to focus and think more clearly. It also boosts the dog’s energy levels, so you can try it when your dog seems lethargic or even depressed. Lemon has a pleasant scent to it, and if you dilute it properly, then it won’t be too strong for your dog to handle. That’s something it keep in mind with any of these oils. You may need to dilute some of them, especially if your dog has senilities. Just add some water to the mixture before applying it to your dog’s coat.

Tea Tree

You can also use tea tree oil to handle fungal infections of all kinds. It’s similarly effective when compared to bergamot. However, tea tree oil has the added benefit of treating bacteria infections. It can prevent bacteria from surviving on your dog, and it kills bacteria dead pretty quickly. You will need to figure out whether your dog prefers this to bergamot, as some dogs are sensitive to one but take well to the other. Tea tree oil can be added to your French bulldog’s food or simply applied to the dog’s skin to be an effective anti-bacterial and anti-fungal oil.

Cedarwood Atlas

This essential oil can be used for a variety of purposes. It works as a great, natural flea repellant. It also clears up coughs and congestion. You can use it to treat various skin conditions, such as dandruff, scruffy skin and more. These are just a few of the health benefits of this powerful oil. It’s one you will want to use as a cure-all for your dog in many situations.

These are our top picks for safe essential oils for your French bulldog. You can use these in various ways, but be sure to follow the application directions. Some of them work best when applied physically to the skin or coat. Others work well when ingested.

The common thread between all of them is that they are safe for your dog and should not cause any severe side effects. Give your dog the joy of these oils, treat its medical problems and help it to live a happier, more fulfilling life by introducing your beloved pet to essential oils.

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