A Growing Movement – The Yellow Dog Project


yellow ribbon dog programIf you are a dog parent, you have probably seen a new trend going around that involves canines sporting some kind of yellow ribbon tied to their collar.  Whether these dogs are running around dog parks or just laying out in public with their owner, these yellow ribbons are used as a sign to alert those around them that they need to proceed with caution. Just like you would slow down at a yellow light while driving that is exactly what these ribbons are symbolizing here.

What is the Yellow Dog Project?

The Yellow Dog Project is a new movement worldwide that involves those dogs that need their space. While most individuals love going up to any and every dog and giving them a quick pet, this is not always welcomed by the dogs themselves. This movement is here to educate and inform all of the public and dog owners alike that there are some canines that truly do need their space. Thanks to these yellow ribbons, individuals can now figure out which dogs need a little more restraint when approaching.

However, just because a dog requires their space does not mean that they are aggressive dogs that will attack at any minute. Instead, they are typically canines who have fear and trust issues. This could be the result of discomfort from a recent surgery, a rescue dog that has not gone through the appropriate training or even just an animal in the middle of service. Through the Yellow Dog Project, individuals are taught the right ways to go up and make contact with a dog that need their space.

Common Misconceptions of the Yellow Dog Project

While this project is used as a way to let the public know which dogs need a little more caution when dealing with them, it is not an excuse for pet owners to slack on their responsibilities. For starters, the Yellow Dog Project is not meant for canines that have had absolutely zero training. The yellow ribbon is to show that these dogs are working on their issues, not just an excuse for an owner to slack at teaching their dogs the fundamentals.

Besides this, many people with dogs see the Yellow Dog Project as a confession that the world needs to stay away from their dog. They view this movement as a “shame on you” crusade. Thanks to this, a lot of pet parents refuse to put a yellow ribbon around their dog’s collar even if the dog needs it. These individuals want to hide their dog’s issues instead of working to fix and correct them. With the Yellow Dog Project, you can embrace your dog’s concerns, while focusing on making a difference.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

The Yellow Dog Project is meant to help both dogs and their guardian through this temporary phase. No one should ever feel embarrassed or guilty that their dog needs a little extra space compared to the rest. Instead, this movement is here to guide dogs through this difficult time, as they come away from this time stronger than before.



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