The Japanese Chin Breed – A Quick Learner Who Loves Everyone


Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is a fluffy, small dog perfect for living in the city because their exercise needs are relatively low.

They stand a diminutive 8-11 inches tall and weigh just 4 to 9 pounds. They can be your loving companion for as long as 14 years.

Breed History

Bred as a companion dog in Asia, this breed has been a popular member of aristocracy in China and Japan for about a millennium. Playfulness is her middle name and this pup will keep you enthralled.

This breed was a prized possession in Imperial courts and often given as a gift. It’s estimated that the Chin was crossed with a small spaniel to give her the look she sports today.

In the mid-1800s, the Chin was imported to England and the US and were known in American as the Japanese Spaniel until 1977.


Although she is tiny, the Chin has an amazing amount of silky fur that’s a joy to pet. Although the head, face and forelegs have a coating of short hair, the long fur on her rear quarters looks like she’s wearing a pair of culottes.

Because of this long fur, the Chin is not a heat lover. Make sure they stay inside on hot days.

japanese chin puppy


Chins love everyone! They don’t like to be away from their families so if you work at home or work in an office that permits dogs at work, she would be thrilled and do well. A common issue with the Japanese Chin is separation anxiety. They are smart dogs who love a challenge when training and socializing. Keep her intrigued and you’ll have a fun training session. Enroll her in a puppy class early on but ask about size before going because they can be bowled over by larger pups.

Health Concerns

The Japanese Chin has a flat face and will often seem to snort or even sneeze in reverse.

They can be prone to cataracts, heart murmurs and patellar luxation. Because of this, you will want to make sure you have health clearance certificates from any breeder on both the parents and the puppies.

Visit the breeder when you can watch the parents interact as well as the pups. And don’t forget to ask for references from clients to see what they thought about their Japanese Chin pups.


Easily bored, you will want to design some fun activities for your Chin as you are training. They don’t require strenuous exercise.

When training, you should only need a firm voice to correct them. More than that could cause her to dig her paws in and be stubborn.

House training is sometimes an issue but with patience, you will succeed.

Grooming Requirements

Even with longer fur, they do not require regular bathing. Dry shampoos work well and need only be done about once a month or so.

Make sure to trim her nails and brush her teeth to keep her looking her best.

Thinking About Adding A Japanese Chin To Your Family?

Please consider adopting before purchasing and please avoid purchasing an animal from a pet store.  You can find purebred Chins in need of good homes. Click here to search for you a Chin in need of adoption near you: <Petfinder>

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