You Can Help Scientists Monitor Pet’s Behavior During The Eclipse


eclipse apps

Scientists are asking for help in observing and providing information about how animals and pets behave during the eclipse. Some experts suggest that our pets and animals may act strangely during the eclipse. So scientists are asking the public to participate in providing data and information on how their pets and other animals act during the eclipse.

Zoos and aquariums around the United States are taking extra steps to observe how animals will respond to the eclipse.  This is a unique research opportunity to monitor wildlife and domestic animals. Thanks to a couple of mobile apps you can participate in the research efforts.

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Here are two mobile apps that allow you to help scientists and researchers during the eclipse. Have fun!

GLOBE Observer

eclipse apps,

The GLOBE Observer mobile app allows you to make observations and submit your findings to NASA and other scientists. They monitor the earth’s temperature and atmosphere. Scientists are wondering if the lack of sunlight and heat during the eclipse will affect animals.


eclipse apps,

This popular nature app, helps you identify plants and animals. The iNaturalist app connects you with more than 40,000 natural experts. By collecting and submitting information, you help researchers collect quality data to “better understand and protect nature”.

This is a fun app to use on hiking and outdoor explorations!






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