10 Things That Only Cat Parents Know


strange cat facts

If you’ve ever had a conversation with another cat person you probably talk about the weird things cats seem to do. It’s funny, cute, and relate-able. Only cat parents will understand these ten cat things.

  1. Your Cat Watches You Poop

    What’s more awkward than having someone watching you poop? No, really, I’m asking, because having a cat stare wide-eyed at you while you’re on the toilet is pretty uncomfortable. I swear cats always figure out how to get that bathroom door open while you’re in there, or just sprint past you while you’re going in. And there is no time to shoo kitty out because you gotta go!

  2. Forget the Christmas Tree

    It’s not happening. There are far too many shiny things going on for your cat to ignore. She can climb it, knock everything down, and get tinsel stuck in her throat (don’t use tinsel). How fun! It’s a whole lot easier to go without the tree, unless you like constantly sweeping up broken baubles. You can try, but your cat will win.

  3. Your Laptop is no longer Yoursstrange cat facts

    Trying to get some work done? Nope. Cats love to walk across the keys, peer at you from behind the screen, and send messages to your boss that read, “puiewhrtjbdjsfgbhj”. You’re welcome, human.

  4. Cats Can Hear the Can Opener from Anywhere

    You haven’t seen your cat in hours. She won’t budge from her cozy spot under the bed. Is she sick? Does she need help? Feeding time comes so you open up a can of her favorite brand and flavor to dump in her paw-printed dish. She appears beside you with ninja skill the millisecond you begin to open the can. She’s not sick, and doesn’t need help. She was just cozy. Now she’s hungry and she loves you so much for opening that can for her. She’s rubbing your legs and purring. Then she eats and goes back to her cozy spot where no one can get her.

  5. Boxes Are The Best

    So, you went out and bought your cat the best, new, top of the line cat bed, huh? Let me guess, she’s curled up in the box it came in, right? Yep. You’ll learn like we all do that cats love boxes more than anything that comes in them. Return the bed. Keep the box.

  6. They Are Nosy!

    Oh, did you bring in groceries? Time for kitty to inspect every last inch. You better hope you didn’t forget the cat food.

  7. No Petting

    Have you ever put your hand out for a high five and the other person leaves you hanging? That’s exactly what it feels like when you try to pet your cat and she trots away, avoiding your love. Why doesn’t she love me? You lament. She does. She just doesn’t want pets right now.

  8. Wake up, Human!

    We all know the annoying wake up call from your lovely feline. You may have just fallen asleep, but fluffy wants you to wake up. You feel a tickle on your cheek or a wetness on your nose. You open your eyes to find your normally shy cat less than an inch away from your face. Talk about scary. And how do they know to go to your ear before meowing loudly?

  9. Your Cat Loves You and So Does Her Butt

    It always happens at the weirdest times. Maybe you’re watching your favorite show. Your cat hops on your lap purring so you pet her. Suddenly, her butt is pointed directly at your face. WHY? Because she loves you. Really!

  10. The Hairball Scare

    Cats are so cute! Then the hacking starts. What is that? What are they doing? Dying? Nope, it’s just another hairball. But every time it happens you think death is imminent. Every time.

What can you relate to here? Share your cat funnies.


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