Why You Should Groom & Pamper Your Pet


grooming for cats, cat groomingOur pets are our family. We feed them, care for them, and provide for them like we do for our children. Part of taking care of your cat is making sure they are clean and well cared for. We can brush and bathe them ourselves, but just as we might go out for a manicure, we can pamper our cats by having them professionally groomed.

Pet Grooming for Cats

Pet groomers specialize in taking care of our animals. Look for a groomer that works specifically with cats and take note of the services they offer. A good salon will make the experience a positive one for your cat and for you.

When cats go for an extended period without being properly groomed their coat gets greasy and their fur will begin to mat and tangle. Once mats form, they grow quickly, pulling on your cat’s sensitive skin and causing pain. Knots need to be cut out by a professional because a cat’s skin is extremely thin and can tear easily if you aren’t careful. The longer your cat’s fur, the easier it will mat, and the more often it needs to be brushed and cleaned.

Brushing Your Cat

Having your cat’s fur brushed and cut every 6 months reduced allergens, shedding, and the amount of hair your cat ingests. Cats self-groom, but cannot digest the hair that they lick. They have to spit up the hair as hairballs. When you forgo grooming the built up hair can get caught in their digestive tract, causing irreparable damage. Regular brushing prevents hair from matting and keeps fur clean.

Paws and Claws

Grooming also includes taking care of your cat’s paws and claws. Whenever a cat scratches your couch or the carpet, they are sharpening their claws. In the wild, this improves their chances of catching prey. In your home, this shreds your furniture. Keeping your cat’s claws trimmed protects your belongings and makes your cat safer to be near children and other pets. Professional groomers are trained to trim your cat’s claws just above their natural curve, and ensure that you will never accidentally nick the sensitive nerve that runs through your cat’s claws.

Aromatherapy for Cats

Pet Groomers can also help with your cat’s disposition. Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce aggression and increase relaxation in pets. If your cat is particularly agitated or going through a rebellious phase, now is the perfect time to treat them to a calming aromatherapy session with certified professions.

One of the best reasons to visit a professional groomer twice a year is to catch any potential health risks before they become major problems. Groomers check your cat’s ears, feet, and nose, making sure everything is clean and healthy. This in conjunction with yearly visits to the veterinarian is a strong guard against serious illness.

There are many different ways to take care of our cats, but if we give them the same love and companionship that they give us, it’s hard to go wrong. Ask your veterinarian about pet grooming for cats, and get a referral to a local salon.

Nicky LaMarco has been a freelance writer since 2001. Nicky is an experienced ghostwriter and copywriter. She also writes for a variety of magazines. Nicky lives in Maine with her husband, two daughters, and two cats. Learn more about her at www.nickylamarco.com.