Celebrities Who Adopt Pets


It’s not uncommon to see celebrities out and about with their pets. From Kellan Lutz to Taylor Swift, many celebrities love their pets as much, and sometimes more, than anything else. What’s really exciting and encouraging is the number of celebrities who adopt pets rather than buying them from breeders. Here are some of our favorite Hollywood rescue animal lovers.

Amanda Seyfried

celebrities who adopt
Amanda Seyfried and her dog, Finn.


You’ll rarely see Amanda Seyfried out and about without her best friend Finn. Give her a chance and she’ll go on and on about Finn and how obsessed she is with her canine companion. She’s even been known to talk about him on the red carpet! Amanda is all about PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and even wears a PETA t-shirt while out running errands to spread the word everywhere she goes.

Selena Gomez

While in between tapings, Selena Gomez, along with Justin Beiber, visited an animal rescue center and came out with a cute little puppy named Baylor. You can see what’s been going on with Selena and Baylor by following her on Twitter, where she shares lots of pictures and updates.

Ryan Reynolds

When scouting for a canine companion for a friend who’s paralyzed, Ryan stumbled upon a golden retriever named Baxter and just had to adopt him for himself. “I saw this big, dumb-looking retriever staring up at me…. I just fell in love with him,” he told People Magazine about adopting Baxter.

Oh, and he did find a chocolate lab for his friend, too.

Rachel Bilson

Although Rachel Bilson has a reputation for taking in many dogs over the years, her most loyal and closest companion is the cuddly Thurman Merman.

Charlize Theron

Charlize is another PETA supporter who wears her PETA t-shirts proudly when she’s in public. You’ll often find her and her adopted friends walking along the beach.

Kellan Lutz

Another PETA advocate, Kellan Lutz adopted Kola several years ago, and works tirelessly to raise awareness about pet adoption. A true animal lover, he had this to say, “There are countless numbers of animals out there. It’s our job to take them under our wing.”

Taylor Swift

celebrities who adoptMost celebrities adopt dogs, but Taylor Swift is a true cat lady at heart. Her love of felines is evident in the many cat-themed sweaters she wears, so it’s no surprise that she rescued a kitten she named Meredith. Meredith enjoys a celebrity cat life for sure because Taylor posts lots of photos of her on her Twitter feed for everyone to see.

Kate Bosworth

Animal lovers have the biggest hearts, and Kate Bosworth’s is huge. While filming in Morocco, she saw a dog living in the streets. She immediately brought the dog home, named her Lila, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

Celebrities may seem high and mighty, with plenty of money to have any dog of any price they want. It’s good go see that even though they could certainly shell out the cash for a pure bred something-or-other to the tune of several thousand dollars, many celebs opt to adopt and make the world and the lives of these animals that much better.

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