4 Christmas Tree Alternatives Ideas for Pet Parents


Christmas tree alternatives

Whether you choose a real or fake Christmas tree you’ll be worrying about your pets destroying the tree or your pets hurting themselves on it. You have to be on watch to keep your pets away from the tree, but you have to sleep at some point. So, what do you do? Take watch shifts with the kids? I know this is going to sound harsh to some of you, but how about this: ditch the tree. That’s right. To keep your pets 100% safe from your Christmas tree simply do not have one. Crazy? Maybe. But you will KNOW your pets will be safe. Try this for an alternative if you just can’t deal without having a tree: string some lights around a tree outdoors that’s close to your house. Since you’re a good cat parent and keep your cat indoors you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt or not.

Christmas Tree Alternatives

Think outside the tree for some styling alternatives. No more pets knocking the tree over. No more broken ornaments. No more worrying whether your pets will be safe around the tree this season. No tree = no worries.

ChalkboardtreeChalkboard Wall Tree:

Paint one wall (or a portion of the wall) with chalkboard paint (wherever you would want your tree), and buy a variety of colored chalk. Draw your tree on your new chalkboard wall! Get creative and get everyone involved. When Christmas is over you can erase your tree and use the chalkboard for other artwork.

You can also use a chalkboard, if you have one, to draw a tree and display.


interior-decorating-wall-decoration-christmas-tree-ideasString Lights Tree:

Use a string of Christmas lights to make the shape of a tree on your wall. Make sure it’s high enough so that your pets will not be able to get to it. Use pencil to draw the tree before you string up the lights. Keep them in place with tacks or tape safe for your paint or wallpaper. You can find these in the hardware or home section of your local store.

The one in the photo won’t do because it’s too close to the floor. Think higher!

You can also use this idea outdoors.



9f94b1eb585698b6a47ab69151ffe0e1Advent Calendar Tree:

Advent calendars make great Christmas trees. You can even make your own Advent calendar. Use cardboard for small boxes. You will need 24 of them, all the same size. Use stencils to paint or color the numbers 1 through 24 on each box. Browse the craft section at your local store for stylish decorations for your boxes. Paper doilies make nice snowflake designs when cut and glued onto the boxes.

Try putting something in each box to open for a nice surprise! Make it closable so the tree doesn’t get destroyed.




imagesFramed Tree:

All you need to create this pretty Christmas tree is a photo frame (size of your choosing), colored paper (any kind you want), and some paint. Use white paint to create a tree, and add some colored balls for decorations on the tree. Frame and hang. It’s that easy!

This could be a huge painting or something small and cozy.

Once you start getting your creative mind going you’ll see there are endless ways to create your own DIY Christmas tree alternative. It will be fun and your pets will be safe from traditional trees, real or fake. Share your Christmas tree alternatives in the comments below!



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