Dating Websites for Those with Pets


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Dating Websites With An Animal Twist

Our pets are family in our eyes.  That makes it very important when searching for that special someone that they will share our views on the place pets hold in the family.  If you have children and are dating, a vital component of a relationship is how all members of the family fit together.  You wouldn’t maintain a relationship with someone who didn’t like and get along with your children, and that extends to your pet.

Romance that includes the Whole Family

If you don’t already know that this issue is important, a quick Google search for dating sites for those with pets may change your mind.  There are quite a few sites geared towards this issue, so it’s important to a lot of people.   Let’s look at a couple to see what you can expect from a dating site for pet lovers. was conceived as a place for animal lovers to meet for not only dating, but friendship as well.  Since pets are a part of the family, anyone we are romantically, or otherwise, involved with must not just accept that, but also understand it.  The founder of did so based on observations and conversations with other pet owners, married and single, while walking her own dog.  Many stories were ones of past broken relationships revolving around issues with pets.  Issues range from allergies to jealously, all leading to one thing – a choice.  Of course, when faced with a choice between pets (existing family members) and the relationship, pets won out.  It got her to thinking that there should be a place to meet other pet owners for relationships, allowing it to be based on all areas of importance.

Thus was created as an online community for pet lovers to meet.  All dating sites center around compatibility and and the others like it are structured the same way, but with the added element of pets as another compatibility issue.  The site is also open to non-pet people, but, as they say on the website, “date me, date my pet.”

animal lovers, dating sites and pets is another dating site that evolved out of relationship issues between partners and pets.  Founder, Kris Rotonda, found himself in relationship after relationship that ended badly, with his four dogs being a contributing factor.  Naturally Kris was forced to choose his dogs, but he was still heartbroken time after time.  He finally met a woman who, even though she had never had dogs or been around them much, learned to love dogs.  It was a no brainer for Kris that there should be a way to settle this issue before the relationship started.

So the idea for the website was born. From the ashes of his former relationship issues was born a desire to help other dog lovers find companionship without sacrificing the pets they love.

Singles with pets, take heart!  There is hope for finding that special someone who loves pets as much as you do without broken hearts and wasted time in relationships that will come to the impossible decision between love and family.


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