Video: Dog Playing Pool – Best In The World


Dog Playing Pool Video

People have been amazed at this dog playing pool.  Videos of Halo, the pool playing dog, have been circulating since 2009.  It’s almost unbelievable how accurate he seems to be. There even seem to be some trick shots.

Source: Dog reveals impressive billiards trick shots by Joshkuhn on Rumble

We asked Susan Giordano, K9U dog trainer and behaviorist, how in the world could someone train their dog to play pool?!?  Susan said it could be done by shaping a behavior.  It could be easier to train the dog especially if he is already showing interest in the pool table or the balls. For instance, the dog may have initially been jumping up and leaning over the table trying to get a ball. When the dog touched the ball with his paw, you would then praise and encourage the him to do it again. Susan says that by using a clicker, you could help speed the training process. By clicking at the exact moment when the dog touched his paw against the ball – you marked the appropriate response that you were wanting and then you would give the dog a reward (ie a yummy dog treat). Overtime, by using a series of small steps, you advance from the dog touching the ball to actually pushing the ball.

As far as he is accuracy goes, we don’t know for sure but we can only guess that they took several video shots and waited patiently for the dog to hit the right ball.

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Regardless, if he was trained or if it’s just his natural ability – Halo is considered by some to be best pool playing dog in the world, and by the video we agree.


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