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Doggie stroller

Dogs are like people in that they love to go outdoors and explore. Some dogs, however, are not built for long walks or hikes and with age a lot of dogs tend to lose a great deal of mobility – but they still relish experiencing outdoors. A lot of pet owners, however, are rather inexperienced when it comes to purchasing a dog stroller because they are unsure about what needs need to be met. Before you consider purchasing a stroller, you must first quantify why you need a stroller and how you are going to use it. Do you run? Do you need a stroller you can jog behind and push your canine friend along? Do you have an older dog that can no longer get around as easily but you only take short strolls? Here are some important questions you need to answer.

How big is your dog going to get?

The most important question you need to ask is “How big is my dog going to get”? Besides looking for a stroller that will accompany the weight of your furry friend, you also need to see if the stroller gives your dog enough room to move around in. It’s useless to get a stroller that can handle a 75 lb. dog but then not give them room enough to turn around. The dog will feel constrained and begin to hate going on walks with you. Also make sure that if you have multiple pets that each one of them has plenty of space each otherwise you’ll be “turning the car around and taking you kids home right this instant!” Not all pets can get along well in a small cargo area, so you may want to consider a twin or double stroller.  You not only get more space with way, but the frames tend to be more resilient as well over standard stroller models.

dog stroller

How far do you walk or jog?

You will need to determine how durable a stroller you will need depending on how much use your stroller is going to get. Get a more expensive stroller if you are going to run long distances every day or go for something a bit more affordable if you’re just walking around the block every few days of the week. If you are going the distance with your dog in tow, ensure that you have enough storage space in your stroller for food and water. Making the trip comfortable for your pet is a good way to encourage them to continue using the stroller.

How big of a stroller do you need?

Check the height of the stroller before you buy it. It wouldn’t be very beneficial to you to have to bend over and push the stroller if you’re jogging five miles every day. You want a comfortably placed handle height and wheels big enough to not get stuck on every little crevice. Ensure that the handle is adjustable, especially if more than one person uses the stroller, and that the wheels are nice and big. The bigger the wheels, the easier time you will have pushing your pups around.

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