Can You Guess Which Dog is the Real Pit Bull?


BSL & Breeds That Look Like Pit Bulls

BSL stands for Breed Specific Legislation and it’s a law that bans (or restricts) owners from having certain types of dogs.  Over 700 cities in the U.S. have BSL laws. The main breed affected by this law is of course the Pit Bull.

Misleading Fact About BSL

Breed Specific Legislation however, is not targeted at just one single breed.  In fact, most clauses will ban Pit Bulls but contain language similar to the following…“or any dog with an appearance or physical characteristics that are substantially similar to the aforementioned breeds.” That means any dog, regardless of breed, that seems to look like a pit bull can be affected by BSL.

Here are just some of the breeds that are mistaken for pit bulls. Scroll through to find out which one is the true Pit Bull.

dogs that look like pit bulls


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