Dutch Partridge Dog Breed


The Dutch Partridge Dog originated in the 16th century.  They are also known as the Drentsche Patrijshond, named such for the region in the Netherlands where they are thought to Dutch Partridge dog in fieldoriginate from.  This breed is depicted in many 17th century paintings as it was a popular hunting dog at the time.  The Dutch Partridge Dog is an all-purpose hunter, pointer, retriever and companion.  The province of Drenthe was unusual in that it allowed common folks the right to hunt.  The local mayor, farmer and landowners in general developed these dogs to support their pursuit of small game.

The Dutch Partridge Dog, or Drent,  is symmetrically built and has developed the speed necessary for a gundog.  The muzzle is wedge shaped and slightly shorter than the skull.  Eyes are over and amber-colored and sit far apart.  Their expression shows kindness as well as the intelligence of a hunting dog.  Ears are high set and feathered and hang close to the cheeks.  The tail is set high. Their coat is dense and I longer on the neck, chest and tail.  Dutch Partridge coats are white with brown or orange markings, and are usually mostly white with large brown spots.  A Drent’s coat is easy to maintain.  It seldom needs washing and they are an average shedder.  The Dutch Partridge Dog weighs in at between 22 to 25 inches tall.

They are loyal and intelligent which makes the Dutch Partridge Dog a good family pet and valuable hunter’s companion.  This dog tends to be more relaxed in the home than most hunting breeds.  They become strongly attached to family members and have a sweet disposition, especially with children.  Drents can be a wonderful addition to any family and will announce visitors and protect their home and family if pressed.

They are happiest when working with a hunter.  They enjoy being outside and long brisk walks will suffice for exercise.  They will come inside and relax on its bed after exercise.  Do not mistake this behavior as this breed is anything but sedentary.  The Dutch Partridge Dogs will suffer if they do not receive enough exercise.  Drents are an active breed and their training must be kept interesting and challenging to avoid boredom.  They require sufficient room to run and a large safe place is best for them.

Dutch Partridge Dogs are quite affectionate and have a high desire to please their companions.

Photo:  Courtesy of DutchID via Wikipedia (CC by 3.0)


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