8 Cool Fun Facts About Cats


© Can Stock Photo Inc. andreyfotografThink you know all there is to know about cats? Maybe. Test your knowledge with these cool fun facts about cats.

1. They May Be Able To Sense When People Are About To Die

There is some evidence that cats may have a keen sense of when someone is going to pass on to the afterlife. Many nursing homes and rehabilitation centers swear that a cat behaves in unusual ways around a person before they are about to die. As if trying to communicate that someone is on the verge between this life and the next.

2. The Technical Term for Hairball

A “bezoar” is the fancy technical term for your cat’s hairball.

3. Where Is That Purr Noise Coming From?

fun facts about cats

There aren’t many things that animals do that evades even the most intelligent scientists around the globe. Scientists are still completely unsure what allows a cat to purr, although there are many hypotheses. Per Wikipedia, “The mechanism by which cats purr is ambiguous. This is partly because the cat has no unique anatomical feature that is clearly responsible for the sound, except for a unique “neural oscillator” in the cat’s brain”

4. Don’t Give Them Chocolates For Valentine’s Day

Dogs are not the only ones who can get sick and die from eating chocolate in large quantities. Just like dogs, cats are not supposed to eat chocolate because it can be toxic to them in high doses. Avoid giving your cat or dog any amount of chocolate. Even a small amount can make them ill.

5. Their Heart Rate Slows With Age

We all get slower in old age; that is true for cats as well. When they are young, their heart beats average about 240 beats per minute. As they age, their rates slow down considerably to about 160 beat per minute.

6. Nothing Worse Than Sweaty Paws

Even though they like the heat, they perspire just like humans. The reason you may not have noticed your cat sweating is because they sweat in the unusual place of the paws. Those little wet cat prints aren’t from the drinking bowl, most likely; they are from sweat.

7. Each Cat Has A Unique Nose Print

A cat’s nose is like a person’s fingerprint. Each cat’s nose has a unique nose print in which to identify the cat.

8. Cats Only Meow At Humans

Typically, they usually only meow at humans.  Among each other, cats interact by spitting, hissing and purring.

Do you have any cool cat facts to add to this list? Share what you know about cats!

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