Why Your Cat Will Love An Exercise Wheel


cat exercise wheel

Providing a stimulating and engaging environment for your cat is an important part of keeping her healthy. Some of the many ways you can do this are by providing a cat tree to climb on, toys to play with, or a comfortable space to lounge next to a window. We can play with them, getting personally involved in their exercise, or give them ways to be active while we are not home. A big part of our job as pet owners is to keep our animals happy as well as healthy.

Exercise Wheel for Cats

One of the most effective ways to keep your cat moving is to invest in an exercise wheel. Sean Farley saw the need to keep cats active and healthy, so he created One Fast Cat, an exercise wheel (much like those for hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, and mice). Of course, this exercise wheel is much larger than those found with the little rodents. The materials are lightweight and recyclable, ensuring that they are both affordable and environmentally friendly. They are designed with your home in mind, keeping the wheel minimalistic and visually appealing, while maintaining functionality.

Benefits of an Exercise Wheel for Cats

Cats with access to these wheels are healthier, get better sleep, and are noticeably more relaxed. Exercise wheels help your cat use their excess energy in quick bursts, the same way they would in the wild as they hunt. The diameter of the wheel is the perfect length to keep your cat’s back healthy, even with extended use, and the track itself is made of closed cell foam to give your cat steady footing without catching on their claws.

Per One Fast Cat’s website, “There have been more and more tests showing that cats kept inside can become bored and develop cat depression and other psychological problems. These issues can present themselves in many ways such as destroying furniture or not using litter boxes. In field testing our cat wheel has proven to not only enhance the physical well-being of our cats but altered their disposition to be more relaxed and calm.”

The wheel’s design allows them to walk or run at their own pace without the restriction of collars or leashes. Older cats can walk and stretch their legs, while kittens can sprint full speed ahead without fear. These wheels offer a way to give your cat the activity they need even within a small space.

Why Your Cat Needs More Exercise

Scientists have confirmed through a series of studies that indoor cats who don’t get the chance to exercise often become depressed and develop additional psychological problems as a result. Your cat’s mental health is as important as her physical health, though it is harder to see and take care of. An exercise wheel gives your cat their best chance to be physically and mentally healthy.

Track pad colors come in black, green, blue, or red. This cat exercise wheel is so beneficial. Check out the Kickstarter page on how to get your cat one of these!


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