Burying a Pet? Here’s some “Green” Options



burying a pet

When Burying A Pet

Losing a pet is losing a family member.  Not only do you have to deal with being merciful and saying goodbye, you now have to think about what to when burying a pet.

For those living in the country, an in-ground burial is something that happens frequently.  There are even those who go to the extent of buying a vault for their pet and burying him in an actual pet casket.

Some believe in cremation and that’s the topic were going to a discuss today.  You can certainly put your beloved friend’s ashes in a container and bury it.  You could easily keep the container so that she moves with you wherever you go.

Or you can do a green option.

Biodegradable Urns

Last year, an eco-friendly pet burial product won the 2014 award for best new pet products from Dog Fancy Magazine.  This Editor’s Choice Award went to a product called BioUrn® and it’s going to revolutionize the pet burial industry.

It comes in a kit with everything you need to grow a tree or flowering shrub including:

  • A biodegradable cotton cremation urn
  • Soil
  • A cotton bag for your pet’s ashes, and
  • A seed

You can choose to grow a tree that will be in your pet’s honor.  Once everything is planted in the BioUrn®, you will water it and, over time, find a living tribute to your favorite furry friend.

The introduction of this product gives you a green burial option to celebrate your pet’s life rather than burying the ashes in the ground and potentially leaving them if you move away.

A Great Lesson

Sometimes the loss of a pet is felt greatest by our younger family members.  Using BioUrn® will help kids participate in the process of remembrance.  It’s truly a circle of life experience and your kids and other family members can care for the tree that grows from the ashes of your lost loved one.


A Size for Every Pet

BioUrn® comes in three available sizes and is designed to hold the ashes of any size pet.  You can also grow dwarf trees in additional containers.

And there’s also a size for every home.  Even if you live in a high-rise apartment, you can still grow a beautiful plant in honor of your pet whether it’s indoors on a balcony or porch.  Dwarf trees are available so that you can take your BioUrn® with you if you move.


The folks at BioUrn® have a great guarantee.  In the event that your tree or other plant doesn’t grow, they have a replacement SeedBead. This is a seed that is encapsulated in a sun dried clay and peat composition to keep the seed in a dormant state until it’s planted. And this allows you to plant the new seed in the original burial site and the nutrients from your loved one will still be utilized in the plant.

Dividing Up

If you have family members who would like to plant their own trees, there is a way to divide the ashes into several containers.  The makers of BioUrn® can help you figure out the appropriate size urn and, of course, you will need multiple seeds in order to have separate plants grow.

When to Plant

There is no specific shelf life of a BioUrn® although it is recommended that plants are sown within six months of purchase.

If you’re looking for a green option for burying a pet, BioUrn® is a great choice to complete the circle of life and honor your pet’s memory.






Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com


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