Amazing Toys And High Tech Gadgets for Pets


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We can’t seem to get away from technology whether at home, the office or television.  When it comes to our pets, high tech toys may seem like an odd concept, however more and more innovations are coming out to enhance the life we enjoy with our pets.  It is definitely the wave of the future as more gadgets and toys continue to show up online, as well as the aisles of your local pet store to spoil our little darlings.

There are some amazing toys and gadgets that offer all sorts of fun and enhancements for both pets and people.  Here are a few items to consider:

Does Your Dog or Cat Eat Too Fast or Overweight? 

There is a company called AiKiou who makes  interactive food bowls for dogs and cats.  For dogs, it requires the dog to step on the center of a footpad in order to get their food.  For cats, the bowls may help with digestion and decrease vomiting issues.  The food is hidden in a group of 9 tubes of different lengths.  Cats have to work at getting their food by reaching inside each tube and scooping it out.  The dog version is a bit different, but both work to help prevent vomiting or eating too fast.

Would You Like To Know What Your Dog Is Up To During The Day, While You Are At Work?  

Look for the latest monitoring devices that easily attach to your dog’s collar that weigh only half of an ounce. The stainless steel tag, known as The Whistle, registers your dog’s every move with the capability sending information directly to your smartphone or computer. The device can tell you if your dog is sleeping most of the day or constantly on the move. Changes in behavior or problems can be identified early so they can be caught early and remedied.

Is Giving Your Dog A Workout Too Much For You?

Look for the latest high tech toy called Go-Go Dog Pals.  It is made of durable plastic that looks like a small critter and can move around at 22 miles per hour, all by remote control.  Dogs love it.  You can relax while they can be entertained.  It is a bit pricey but built to last at about $230.  Check it out at

Who Let The Dogs Out? 

If a delivery shows up at your door or you simply want to manage when your dog goes outside, then the “Passport Pet Access Smart System” may be just the ticket.  It is actually a pet door that comes in two sizes, allowing you to select a time slot for the door to remain closed when you need it.  However, a cat can still come and go as it pleases. It offers one-way restrictions (only out or in) for increased flexibility for you and your dog.

Is Your Dog Always Running Away?

Then the “Tagg Pet Tracker” is perfect for you.  It is a GPS add-on to your pet’s collar that tracks your pet in case it gets lost or runs away.  The application immediately sends you an email or text message, letting you know if your pet has traveled beyond home or designated boundaries.  Plus it will lead you directly to where your pet is located.  The service is $7.95 per month and the device itself costs about $100 but it is worth it to keep track of your dog.

Are You A Baseball Fan?

Look no further than the GoDogGo “Automatic Fetch Machine” that will save you from endless throwing of a ball for your dog.  The machine launches tennis balls more than forty feet with the option of simply using one ball or launching several balls in succession.  It all depends on how your dog likes to play ball.  The cost is about $140 and is sure to please the most active dog.

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