How to Cope With Losing a Pet


loss of a pet, coping with pet death

If you’ve ever loved a pet and lost them you know how difficult it is to get over their death. Our pets are family members.

But the reality is that they die. Hopefully that death is 15 to 20 years down the road but sometimes it’s even sooner than that. How do you cope?

We’ve put together some information that we hope will help you in your time of grief and loss.


One of the best gifts you can give yourself is the gift of grief. It’s important to remember how much your pet meant to you and it’s also important to let yourself feel sad.

Anyone who is or has bonded with a pet and has lost a beloved friend, should support you and you need to let them help you get through this period of time.

People grieve in different ways. Let yourself cry but also don’t forget to tell the funny stories with friends and family of your lost pet.

Cope With Losing a Pet, coping with pet death

Coping Mechanisms

One of the first things to remember is that you don’t have to face your grief alone. Turn to family members and friends and reach out to those who will hold your hand and let you talk.

Pet Hotlines: There is an organization called Pet Partners that offers a list of pet loss hotlines you can call for comfort. If you enjoy writing, put your loss into words in either a short story or journal. In fact, you could start a journal and add pictures which will be your memory of your pet.

See if you can find a pet loss support group through your local humane society. There are many of them online and that’s something you could do to connect to others were going through the same thing you are. Look at


The loss of a pet may be the first exposure kids have to death. This is something you can work through with them and also experience with them, showing them that grief and tears are not only a normal part of loss but something they should do to feel better.

A few ideas that may help them feel better may include:

  • Creating a picture album of your pet that has passed.
  • Share stories with the family about the pet. Sharing stories can be hard and sad but also try to recall some of the fun and silly times you had with the pet.
  • There are several helpful kids books about pet loss. Here are a few good ones to consider:

The loss of a pet is deeply profound and part of caring for a pet. Allow yourself to grieve, help family members who are also grieving and always celebrate the memory of your best friend.

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