Hyperbaric Chambers To HEAL Pets


If you are a scuba diver or have been treated for burns or other traumatic injuries, then you may have heard that hyperbaric hyperbaric chamberchambers have now found another use – healing ailing pets.  Veterinarian’s at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine use the oxygen chamber to treat animals that have been bitten by a rattlesnake, hit by a car or are dealing with an infected wound.

The pure oxygen in the chamber does wonders for reducing any type of swelling or inflammation.  It can actually speed up recovery time and healing.  Most of the studies to date have been done for humans using rats or rabbits, but there is very little research available for treating pets. More clinical trials are needed to ensure that there is really good science behind the method.

These chambers have shown success in pets dealing with herniated discs, abscesses and even swelling after any radiation treatment.  Insurance companies cover the treatment for humans when treating crushed injuries, bone marrow infections and even carbon monoxide poisoning.  It turns out to also be an effective treatment for ulcers and other wounds in humans. More people are requesting the treatment not only for themselves, but for their pets as well, and will actively seek out private clinics that offer the chamber.

Though it is new to veterinary medicine, it is proving to be a very effective treatment for any kind of trauma – human or animal.  Many veterinarians have seen amazing improvements in pets using the chamber, particularly when treating animals that have been hit by a car.  The chambers themselves cost anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000, so the company that manufactures them gives the chambers to the veterinarians, and then receives a cut from each treatment.  Treatments typically cost approximately $125 for pets.

Since working with 100% oxygen can be dangerous, animals are patted down with water before a treatment is done, so their fur will not conduct static electricity and start a fire.  Though many veterinarians see the benefits of using the chamber, many like to use the therapy only when all other possibilities have been explored.

As pet owners, we always want to know the best treatment for our animals, and will spend the extra money to heal our furry friends.  The chamber has also worked well for re-growing fur in places where raw flesh was exposed.  Ask your veterinarian about the chamber treatments for healing your pet.

The chamber used at the University of Florida is about the size of a loveseat and is manufactured by a company called Hyperbaric Veterinary Medicine in Boca Raton.  Many veterinarians have had tremendous success using the chamber when all other treatments have failed or have been ineffective.  The success rate and science behind the chamber continues to grow and show positive results in pets and humans alike.

 Reviewed and approved by Dr. David L. Roberts, DVM

Photo:  Courtesy of KOMUnews via Flickr (CC by 2.0)

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