Keeping Your Home Safe For Your Pets and Kids


Pets are now more than just an animal; for many, they’re considered part of the family. As such, it’s important that you make your home safe for both your pets and your children. In many ways, pets are similar to children, in that they need regular supervision, near-constant validation and enjoy playing and making a mess. Here we offer a guide to keeping every member of your family safe and happy in your home.

Secure Your Garden

Both pets and kids love to run around and explore, so it’s important that you install a secure fence that will keep them from leaving your garden. Your fence needs to be high enough to stop your pet from jumping over it, and also not have any large gaps in it so your child or pet doesn’t get stuck in it. A wooden fence may look nice, but children could get splinters from it, so consider a durable metal fence instead.

Get Rid Of Any Pests

Vermin like rats, cockroaches and ants can cause allergies, injuries and breathing problems, as well as spreading diseases. To keep your kids and pets safe, hire a pest control firm like Aswatona Pest Control to rid your home of any unwanted visitors and leave your children and pets free to play in a safe environment.

Choose Your Furnishings Wisely

Children and pets both cause lots of mess and often bring in dirt, so it’s important that any furniture you own is easy to clean and maintain. Consider buying furniture made from materials like leather and plastic, as you can wipe them clean and they don’t absorb dirt in the same way that fabrics and textiles do.

Keep Wires Out Of Sight

Brightly coloured electrical wires are tempting for little people and animals to chew or play with, but this can be incredibly dangerous, so keep them out of sight so that they don’t get tempted. Plug sockets also pose a risk for small children, who love to stick their fingers in things, so invest in a cover for when you’re not using your outlets.

Cover Your Corners

The sharp corners of furniture and walls can hurt children and pets, particularly if they’re running around and not looking where they’re going. To avoid anyone bumping into your corners, invest in some corner protectors that will smooth out the sharp edges and reduce the impact of any damage. You could also use soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs to cover sharp edges and keep your family safe.

Corden Off Dangerous Areas

Some spaces in your home might be considered too dangerous for your pets and kids, such as your staircase or a room where you keep tempting items like alcohol and medicines or large, heavy objects that could fall. Use a stair gate to keep your children and pets safe and away from any particular room or staircase so that you can let them wander your home safe in the knowledge that they won’t get injured.