Long Live Pets – How Sharing a Film Helps Pets Get a Second Chance


Helps Pets Get a Second Chance. long live pets

There are millions of abandoned and neglected pets that end up in shelters every year. In fact, a startling statistic has come forward: 9000 pets are euthanized in shelters every day.

Not each year, not each month, but every single day.

Long Live Pets came up with a great idea. They asked people who have rescue pets to send in their dog photos to be part of a film about how wonderful it can be to give a pet a second chance at life in a forever home.

No-kill Movement

Dog food manufacturer, Nature’s Variety Instinct, created the film to further the no-kill movement as well as spread the word about the joys of rescuing a pet from death. They received over 25,000 photos of rescued dogs and those pictured were dubbed into a film that carries their message.

How to Help

You can go to the longlivepets.com website and share the film. This is a great way to spread the word and get more people to consider adopting a shelter pet instead of purchasing from a breeder or pet store.

Sharing the film on Facebook or Twitter can help pets waiting for forever homes avoid euthanization.

Standing Behind Company Motto

The dog food company’s motto is simple and powerful: “Empowering people to transform the lives of pets”.

The company creates a high nutrition, grain free line of food that has an emphasis on protein as the core ingredient just as animals would eat in the wild.

They have lines of raw, kibble and canned food for both cats and dogs.

Long Live Pets


Here’s where it gets really interesting. Instinct has partnered with Best Friends Animal Society and they’ve given over half a million dollars in support through food and cash donations.

Best Friends, as you may recall, took in all of the abused Michael Vick dogs and have either rehabilitated them for adoption or have made sure they have a home at Best Friends for the rest of their lives.

The Animal Planet TV show Dogtown is shot at the Best Friends sanctuary in Kanab, Utah and they are the premier no-kill facility for all types of animals in the country.

Their programs are all based on one thing: Save all the pets. Some of the initiatives include:

  • Networking: They work with rescue groups and city shelters across the country through their No More Homeless Pets Network to end the killing of pets.
  • Event Hosting: Best Friends hosts events all across America to help raise money for rescue groups and shelters. Part of this education is to teach these organizations how to become no-kill shelters.
  • Locally: Reducing shelter deaths is the core of this program in cities like New York, LA and Salt Lake City.

Help shelter pets everywhere by going to the Long Live Pets website and sharing their amazing film. And remember to adopt from a shelter or rescue group to give a deserving pet another chance at a forever home.

Reference link: http://www.longlivepets.com/about-the-film


Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com