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April 26, 2017: This post has been updated and the dog bed giveaway contest has ended.

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Typical Dog Bed Scenario

The typical dog bed can be an eye sore. I keep our dog’s beds hidden from plain sight. They are not part of our home’s decor – although it’s no secret that we have dogs. Dog beds can be expensive, hard to clean and usually don’t match or blend in with our home furniture and decorations. Additionally, most are not water resistant. So as soon as the inside cushion or filling gets soiled – you need to invest in a new bed. I also have cats. I’ve lost many a dog bed due to a disgruntled cat spraying the bed. Once cat urine seeps into the filling – the dog bed has to be discarded because the smell is horrible.

Petoji Is The Solution To The Typical Dog Bed Scenario

Although I have not tested one out yet, I’m very excited about the introduction of the Petoji dog bed called the Hybern8 – a cute and clever name. I spoke with Jenny Simpson and Jackie Jacobson – the founders of Petoji. They are passionate, knowledgeable and determined to make the very best dog available in the market. But they need your support and they have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

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Here are a few details about the dog bed and the campaign.

  • The product is made in the U.S.A. – it’s designed and manufactured by Petoji in Fort Worth, Texas.

  • To start with they offer 20 different fabric options (prints, solids, and soft snuggle fabrics like sherpa fleece and micro-fleece) at the beginning of the Kickstarter campaign

  • You customize the design and choose which fabric is used for the top piece, the bottom & the corners and you can select the color of the piping

    hybern8 dog bed, petoji dog bed,petoji dog beds, hybern8 dog bed

  • There are thousands of options – making every bed unique. When they hit $50,000 they will offer 50 patterns. When they hit $100,00 – they will offer 100 patterns

  • Your dog wants to be close to you, and Hybern8 is a dog bed that you want to display. You get to design the perfect bed for your home. Since the covers are removable, you can replace them any time it strikes your fancy

  • Cloud9 Filling: this is a puffy, billowy synthetic down. This is the same material that you would find in a high-end duvet or pillow.

  • And here is what I really like.  They have an Active Breathe Shield Water Resistant Liner – no one else has a protective liner like this. The top is 100% waterproof and the bottom is a DWR coated polyester. What’s great about this design is that it keeps water out, while allowing your dog bed to breathe, your dog won’t even know it’s there. This liner is great for puppies, senior dogs, dogs that like to swim, for post bath zoomies and for dogs that tend to get a bit muddy.

  • Another add-on you can purchase is their customizable toy basket. These are made from the same materials as Hybern8 and are designed to coordinate with your bed. Choose the fabric for the inside, the outside and the color of the handles.

  • Hybern8 comes in 4 sizes

    • Mini – dogs up to 15 lbs

    • Queen – dogs up to 30lbs

    • King – dogs up to 60 lbs

    • Supreme – dogs up to 100lbs

About Petoji

Jenny Simpson and Jackie Jacobson are friends who grew up together in southern California. A year and a half ago they moved to Fort Worth, Texas to start a product company. They are passionate about dogs and wanted to build a better dog brand, with higher quality products that consumers could trust. They launched the Adventure Leash last year. It’s a customizable leash that is waterproof, stink proof and ultra durable.

Images: Provided and owned by Petroji

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