New Trends: Micro Pigs as Pets


micro pigs

In the 1970’s, iguanas were popular.  Then came the 80’s, when the reptile was the pet in vogue.  Exotic fish made an appearance for a while before many people, including celebrities, could be seen toting around a tiny dog in their purse.  Trends in pets come and go, and one of the newest breeds is not even a dog its micro pigs!.

Micro Pigs As Pets

Micro Pigs as pets have joined the ranks of the latest companion, especially among celebrities.  Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Rupert Grint from the “Harry Potter” movies all have micro-pigs as pets in their home.  That’s right – they live with you right in your home, not outside in a pigpen.

Do Micro Pigs Make Good Pets?

These pigs make excellent pets.  They are intelligent, fun to be with and will relax in front of the television with you every night.  They are quite affectionate and love their belly rubbed. You may be asking, “Whatever happened to ‘man’s best friend?” The truth is, dogs are still a perfect companion because they are loyal, affectionate and offer protection naturally.  Movies like “Babe” create a picture that a pig is sweet, loving and sensitive; capable of being just as good a pet as a dog.  The problem with regular pigs is they grow up to be big pigs.

What To Expect From A Micro Pig?

Even a full-grown micro-pig can grow to weigh 40-65 pounds, standing over a foot tall. Micro-pigs are amazing animals capable of sitting, following instructions and fetching.  They have soft, tiny ears, adorable snouts and cute little tummies.  That cuteness will definitely set you back some dollars, as most cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,200 with papers.  They can live up to 19 years old, and do not require much exercise.  In fact, too much exercise can cause arthritis in pigs. You can still take your pet for a walk; however you will need to check with your local animal health bureau for any specific requirements.  The name ‘pig’ still applies because when it is time for feeding, you will certainly hear some squeals of delight, and they may still make a mess.  The choice is yours!

Micro pigs as pets



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