National Mutt Day: 5 Reasons Why Mixed Breeds Are So Cool


It’s National Mutt Day!

Unfortunately, mutts – or to be politically correct – mixed breed dogs, often get a bad rap. Because these animals contain a “Heinz 57” mix of breeds, they are often passed over for the more preferred purebred dogs. Many pet owners like the status symbol that goes along with owning a purebred, but we’re here to tell you that there are many benefits of owning a mixed breed dog. Including….

1. No shortage of animals to choose from:

national mutt day

Looking for a dog to add to your family unit? Keep your options open and head to your local shelter. There’s no shortage of mutts ready and waiting for a forever home there. If you decide you want a specific breed of dog, you could be traveling far and wide, and pay a pretty penny.

2. Best of two, three or more worlds:

mutt day

Mutts exhibit many of the best characteristics of all the breeds in their bloodline. It’s the best of both, or maybe more, worlds. Some of the most talented and best behaved animals are of the mixed breed variety.

3. Let’s hear it for good health:

national mutt day

There is a misconception that mutts aren’t as healthy as purebred dogs. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Purebred dogs are often the result of many generations of inbreeding, which leads to genetically-related health issues passed down from one generation to the next. Since mutt parents are from different gene pools, a lot of the genetic problems become recessed. This phenomenon is called “hybrid vigor,” and it’s scientific proof that mutts are healthier than purebreds.

4. Every dog is unique:

national mutt day

It’s like opening a gift on Christmas morning – you just never know what you’re going to get. In our eyes, this is a definite advantage. Although it may be difficult to predict what the dog will look like, how big it will get, or what its disposition will be, all these things combined makes for a truly unique and special pet.

5. And the ribbon goes to:

national mutt day

There was a time when mutts were not allowed to participate in competitions. This isn’t true anymore! Because mutts are so awesome, and they exhibit some really outstanding abilities, The Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America was formed in 1978.

Many competitions for these amazing animals take place worldwide each year, and although mixed breeds are still excluded from many kennel club competitions because of their many variations in physical standards, mutts are still able to participate in their own competitions.
While it can make you feel more important to own a purebred canine, the facts speak for themselves. Mutts can be better dogs in terms of health, uniqueness and usually disposition. Next time you’re considering adding a furry member to your family, consider a mixed breed – you’ll be glad you did.

How will you celebrate National Mutt Day?