Bunnies as Gifts, Photo-bombing Dog and More


News about animals from this past week:  Should you give a bunny as a gift over Easter?, Dog photo-bombs Craig’s List Ad, Twilight Actress’s dog dies in house fire, a ban on horse-tripping.

 What’s up Doc?  Bunnies as Gifts….

It’s pretty hard to find just about anything cuter than a baby bunny.  With Easter just around the corner, you may even be considering getting one as a pet for you kids.  Backyard bunny bunny with easter eggsbreeders are ramping up and it’s estimated that thousands of baby bunnies will be sold around Easter time. Unfortunately many will end up being abandoned and neglected.  Bunnies (aka rabbits) are not toys. Just like a dog or cat – they require daily attention and care.   Without doing your research, you’ll find that this animal is more than you bargained for.  Many will find that the kids quickly loose interest and that little bugs bunny has grown up – and my, how he likes to jump, kick, chew and maybe spray. It’s enough to have you talking and thinking like Elmer Fudd.  So think hard before gett’in that wabbit!  They can make great pets – as long as you’ve done the research and are prepared.  If you’re seriously giving thought about getting one as a pet, please check out the The Humane Society of the US and Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for great tips on how to care for a rabbit

 Dog photo-bombs Craig’s list ad

Looking for tips on how to rent or sell your apartment?  You may want to ask the Kavin’s, a couple from Chicago.  They put up an ad to rent their apartment on Craig’s List and decided to include their dog in each of the room photos.  Viola, the ad stirred up a lot of traffic and within 24 hours they had rented out their apartment.  Not to mention the 1,000 plus Likes they received on Facebook.  If you’re wondering…yes, it was a “pet friendly” apartment.

 Dog belonging to Twilight star dies in house fire

Ashley Green, the actress from the movie Twilight, was able to escape the fire that destroyed her Hollywood condo this past week. It was reported, that over 55 firefighters responded to the fire on Friday morning.  Once they had the fire under control they searched for Ms. Green’s two dogs. They successfully found and saved one but the other dog, who was found apparently hiding under Ms. Green’s bed, had died.

“Senate committee considers banning horse-tripping”……

That’s the actual title of the news article from KL AS-TV out of Nevada, but we’re not sure why the Senate has to even “consider” this – it’s blatant abuse.  It’s already banned in many states.  Horse-tripping is a rodeo event where contestants throw ropes at the feet of horses in order to trip them.  Yes, there are pictures and Youtube videos of this event on the web but we do not recommend you look at them – just take our word for it.  Horses get seriously hurt.  What we do recommend however, is that you go out to the Care2 website and sign the petition against horse-tripping.  Click HERE to sign the petition.


Photo: Courtesy of somewhereintheworldtoday via Flickr (CC by 2.0)

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