NomNomNow Dog Food Review – Freshly Cooked Dog Food


My dog has been eating NomNomNow – a freshly prepared home pet food service with great results.


My Dog Food Review Rules

Just as I was in the middle of writing my review on NomNomNow, I received my August edition of Whole Dog Journal. They are one of my go-to resources for help in selecting which high quality dog food brands to feed to my dog. I smiled as I flipped through the magazine. For the first time ever, they did an article and provided recommendations on the top dog food companies that produce freshly cooked commercial diets for dogs. NomNomNow was one of the companies that they like and recommend.

Typically, for me to do a dog food review, I have certain rules that I follow. I will not offer a food to my dog which contains inferior ingredients, or ingredients that I think are unhealthy.  Secondly, I look for brands that get high marks or ratings from Whole Dog Journal and/or Dog Food Advisor.  Dog Food Advisor does not have any reviews on brands that market freshly cooked dog diets. And when I decided to do the review, neither had Whole Dog Journal. I guess I didn’t have to break any of my dog food review rules afterall. Regardless I would have been happy to break my rules for doing a NomNomNow dog food review.

Rules Are Made To Be Broken

Instead of relying on someone else to do the research (ie. Dog Food Advisor and Whole Dog Journal) – I had to step up to the dinner plate (pun intended).  What I discovered, and the reason why I decided to fill my dog’s plate with NomNomNow, is how the food is formulated.  NomNomNow’s dog food recipes are designed and formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg – one of the leading board certified veterinarian nutritionists in the industry.

Unfamiliar with what is a veterinarian nutritionist? So was I, so I did some research and found that their training goes beyond that of a dietitian. Extensive training is required to become a board certified veterinarian nutritionist. According the American College of Veterinary Nutrition’s website, “Veterinary nutritionists are qualified to formulate commercial foods and supplements, formulate home-prepared diets, manage the complex medical and nutritional needs of individual animals, and understand the underlying causes and implications of specific nutritional strategies that are used to prevent and treat diseases.” They also require additional years of schooling after receiving their veterinarian degree.

Ultimately, my research led me to the realization that freshly cooked meals for dogs (when prepared correctly), are healthier and better than kibble and canned dog food. So I was happy to break my dog food review rule and give NomNomNow a try.

Why Try NomNomNow

In the words of Dr. Shmalberg taken from one of his videos, “the approach of a fresh diet is that we are taking those fresh ingredients, those nutrients, and feeding them right away to give optimal concentrations…”

NomNomNow Dog Food Review, NomNomNow dog food

Additional reasons of why I like NomNomNow:

  • Top ingredient is an identifiable meat
  • Recipes are made fresh weekly
  • Restaurant quality ingredients
  • Gently cooked for safety and digestibility

Selecting A NomNomNow Recipe

The process of ordering the food is simple. You complete a brief questionnaire on their website about your dog. Provide your dog’s weight, age, and activity level so that NomNomNow can customize the meal and it’s proportions.  There are 4 different recipe options to choose from.

Sit Back And Wait For The Food To Arrive

Within days the food arrives packaged in order to keep the food cold – not frozen. Please note – if you are ordering for multiple pets, like I did – start hitting the gym now. The box was heavy.  I would suggest asking NomNomNow to split large orders into separate packaging. I did not ask them and am not sure if that is even an option. But regardless, it was not a big deal and my kids had fun helping me carry the food to the refrigerator.

Feeding Time With NomNomNow

Each meal comes in an individually sealed package. Therefore, you do not have to guess at how much to feed your dog. Just tear open (or cut) the bag, pour it in the bowl and watch your dog devour the meal. Rio has been enjoying the Chicken Chow-Wow formula. Which consists of the following ingredients:

Chicken thighs, Sweet potatoes, Yellow squash, Spinach, NomNomNutrient Mix, Fish oil

NomNomNow Dog Food Review,

If you’re like me, you may question why these ingredients. Or how does this formula make for a balanced meal. Another reason why I like NomNomNow is that for each of their formulas, you can watch a brief video by Dr. Shmalberg for his explanation of why he selects these ingredients.

Observations From Feeding NomNomNow

I have to admit, Rio is not a picky eater. Even so I can tell that he really enjoys NomNomNow. I also closely monitor his bathroom habits when transitioning to a new food. I am very pleased to mention that his poops have been solid and he digests the food easily (no passing of gas either). Fist pump!

Rio is looking lean and feels great. We hike and run together several times a week. His stamina and energy level are high.

Overall health I believe is dependent on what we feed our pets and how we care for them. NomNomNow is a brand that I feel confident in recommending.

So How Expensive Is It?

Price wise, it may be more expensive than many of the high end kibble brands. One way to come to terms with paying more for dog food, is that you may avoid health issues and costly vet bills.

A Company You Can Feel Good About Supporting

As a long-time volunteer for a pet rescue and welfare organization, I strongly support pet adoption. NomNomNow’s Adoption Program supports pet adoptions with over 50 participating partners (pet adoption organizations). Through this program, when you adopt a pet from one of the participating organizations, NomNomNow provides a discount for your first purchase and they make a donation to the shelter or organization.




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