If Your Dog Loves Treats Then #NudgeThemBack


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This is Rio trying to quickly sneak a few extra treats.

At my house we go through a lot of dog treats. I work on obedience training daily with my 10 month old black labrador retriever and use positive reinforcement along with treats to reward good behavior. My 14 year old German Shepherd mix is tolerant of the pup and so well behaved that she gets her fair share of treats as well. Nothing brings more joy to my dogs than a tasty dog treat.

I’m always looking for good deals on treats but I will not sacrifice on quality. I’m happy to pay more for a treat or a brand that I can trust and that uses high quality ingredients. Before letting my dogs taste test any food or treat – I ensure that the ingredients are healthy and that I’m not subjecting them to anything that I think could be harmful.

Nudges ® is a line of dog treats known for being made in the U.S. with high quality ingredients for the cost conscious consumer. Plus, they have never had a product recall. This sounded like a dog treat that I should consider so I decided to give them a closer look.

Ingredients Assessment

My first rule is to look closely at the ingredients. The Nudges® Jerky cuts made with real duck include the following ingredients:

  • Ducknudges, dog treats
  • ground rice
  • vegetable glycerin
  • sugar
  • distilled vinegar
  • salt
  • natural smoke flavor
  • natural flavors
  • colored with paprika

The first main ingredient is duck, followed by ground rice – all very good. The third listed ingredient is vegetable glycerin. This is product that some of you may not be familiar with, but it’s used as a sweetener and is considered safe for pets & humans by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Dog Treat Selection Tip: When selecting any dog treats with glycerin, make sure it is listed on the ingredient label as “vegetable glycerin”.  If you see an ingredient label with just “glycerin”, I would suggest avoiding it because it may likely be derived from petroleum.

The fourth ingredient is sugar, which is used for flavoring. Next is distilled vinegar, commonly used to cook with and add flavor. Followed by salt and “natural flavors”. Natural Flavors is a little harder to define.  The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) sets the pet food content guidelines. Per the AAFCO, “Natural is a liberal term that includes more ingredients than it excludes—most pet food ingredients are derived from “plant, animal or mined sources.””

The first couple of ingredients listed are what I find most important. I also like the fact that there is no corn or wheat ingredients. Keep in mind, these are treats which you give in moderation, so I’m okay with a little sugar, salt and natural flavoring.

Dog Treat training


Dollars and SenseFullSizeRender

Comparing the price of an 18 oz package to other leading brands, you are not likely to find many who beat them in price. At Walmart, I bought the Nudges ® Jerky Cuts made with real duck for under $13.00. I searched the web and looked in stores for other brand’s pricing. I found one leading brand that was much cheaper, but when I compared the ingredients, I found that meat was their 4th-listed ingredient – flour being their first ingredient. I found some others that had meat listed as the first ingredient but their price was higher (anywhere from $2 – $13 higher was my unofficial findings). Pricing for Nudges ® is a better value compared to most similar brands.

The Taste Test

Neither of my dogs are finicky when it comes to food. They LOVE food. So no surprise that they were eager to try them and they both waited patiently as I opened the package for the first time. But what I was looking for was for the dog’s olfactories to come alive – which they did. When training my young Labrador I like to periodically switch out treats. New, different, yummy smelling and tasting treats help hold his attention during training sessions.  Off to training we go….


Even our cats loved the smell and taste of Nudges dog treats.

Summary About Nudges® Jerky Treats

Overall, I am pleased with Nudges ® dog treats and like the fact that 100% real meat is used as the first ingredient and no corn or wheat ingredients. I also like to support brands from the USA. All of their meats (chicken, beef, duck, salmon) are USA sourced – they aren’t sourced from China and that brings me comfort in knowing that I’m giving my dogs a safe and healthy treat.

You can find Nudges ® Dog Treats in Walmart and many other retailers, with even more locations coming soon. Visit http://www.nudgesdogtreats.com/Store-Locator to find a store near you.  You can also join their Twitter and  Facebook community – that’s a great place to find coupons and fun place to enjoy sharing pictures and stories about your four-legged friends.

Don’t forget, that when comparing the price of different pet treats to also look closely at the ingredients.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nudges® Dog Treats. The opinions and text are all mine.

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