Top 7 Coffee Table Books About Dogs


dog booksIf you’re as dog-centric as we are here at WagBrag, you love to peruse bookstores for the latest coffee table books on your favorite pet.

In this post, we’ve put together a list of our top seven coffee table books featuring canines and their wacky behavior. These would be great for any occasion but especially for the dog lover in your family for their birthday, Christmas or an anniversary.


Have you ever stopped to watch a dog shake water off its body? Or even just have a good old shake for shake’s sake?

Photographer Carli Davidson decided it would be a great idea to take some high speed shots of dogs shaking off.

But now you get to enjoy every bit of those shakes in freeze frame pictures. You’ll find some wonderful photos of dogs that look so distorted you would swear they are animated.

Underwater Puppies

Underwater puppies

How many times have you watched a dog dive for a tennis ball or a toy in a pool, lake or the ocean? Here’s a great look at what they’re looking at underwater.

“Underwater Puppies” is a book from photographer Seth Casteel following the success of his first book, “Underwater Dogs”.

In an interview with Scott Stump at USA Today Pets, Casteel says that he used puppies in part because they are amazing creatures but also because he wanted to promote water safety for pets.

Each year, thousands of pets die in backyard swimming pools from drowning.


In September of 2013, National Geographic published a collection of 38 stories of dogs photographed and written by Rebecca Ascher-Walsh.

This book is dedicated to fearless and loyal canines who manage to rescue humans just like we rescue canines.



Puppies, puppies, puppies. What’s not to love? From their tiny demeanor to the best smell in the world – puppy breath – there’s just nothing like a puddle of puppies to reduce a human being into a gooey, baby talking mess.

In her coffee table book called “Puppyhood”, photographer J. Nicole Smith takes life size photos of puppies at six weeks old.

No matter what your breed favorite is, you will find your heart melting to look at these adorable baby dogs.

Street Dogs

Life on the street is difficult for humans and it is just as heartbreaking for stray dogs.

Photographer Traer Scott has compiled a book called “Street Dogs” as a follow-up to her other photography books called “Shelter Dogs” and “Newborn Puppies”.

This book was created when Scott traveled in Puerto Rico in Mexico and she wanted to heighten awareness about the plight of stray dogs in each country. This book brings the degree of abandonment and an abuse to the forefront.


Mutts is a wonderful book about the leading dog breed in the entire world. Whether they’re called a mutt or a Heinz 57, you know they have lots of personality and character wrapped inside.

Photographer Sharon Montrose put together 60 pictures of multi-breed dogs to target your doggie love.

101 Salivations

Photographer Rachael Hale has found a way to dig deep into our souls and connect them with those of a dog.

Her secret? Focusing on the dog’s eyes. And she’s captured just about every breed so you can find your favorite as well.


The next time you’re looking for a wonderful gift for your favorite dog lover, check out any of these books as a possible candidate for best in show.




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