Pet Fire Safety Tips: Protecting Those You Love


fire safety tips for cats

Plain and simple, every year beloved pets are killed due to fires. While this is a horrible in itself, it is even worse when you hear that the majority of these fires are preventable. That’s why it is so important that families have some type of plan in effect so that they fully protect themselves and their precious pets. The best way to do this is by putting together a disaster supplies fit. That way you have all the materials you need to stay safe in one place. Besides this, families should also decide on a spot outside the home where they can meet up, in the case that they need to evacuate their property. Of course, the pets should be included in this plan as well. You would never leave a family member behind and the same logic should be applied to your animals as well.

While you can have all these plans intact, another crucial step in fire safety is watching your pets and monitoring their activities. Each year, roughly 1,000 home fires are accidentally caused by the property owner’s pets. It’s also estimated that approximately 500,000 pets die in house fires every year. To combat this issue, you should make sure that open flames are completely extinguished before you leave your property. That’s because pets have a tendency to be drawn in by flames. Whenever they see cooking appliances, candles or even fire itself, they want to get involved. Ensure your loved ones and your pets’ safety by never leaving them on their own around flames. Other than this, it is also recommended that any knobs connected to your oven are entirely removed before heading out. That’s because stoves are actually the main source involved in fires caused by pets. Remember, if they can reach the knob, they can easily turn on the fire.

Watch out for candles in the house!

While these products smell amazing and give your home a cozy feel, they are really dangerous.  However, you don’t have to totally substitute your happiness here. Instead, buy some flameless candles. They give off the same vibe, except with these items, there is a light bulb used rather than an open flame.  With a flameless candle, you won’t have to worry about your pet knocking over your candle. After all, cats have a reputation for creating fires by whacking lit candles with their tails. Lastly, young pets are notorious for starting fires because they are still so energetic and full of life. They are curious about everything and anything, including fire. This is why you must keep them in crates or behind some kind of gated area, to make sure that they don’t start touching things that could cause fires.

Pet parents will be the first to tell you that their animals are an important part of their lives. These pets bring such joy to them, that the last thing they would ever want to do is leave them unprotected. That’s why it is so vital that these pet fire safety tips are put into place.  With the proper precautions, these awful statistics can finally come down.

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