Pet News Flashback – Yellow Dog Project, An Official State Dog, Cat Cafe


Pet News Flashback – A look at this past weeks news:  Yellow Dog Project, An Official State Dog for Nevada, Cat Cafe Opening soon.


Yellow Dog Project – “Ask Before Approaching Me”

Just like people, some dogs are more social than others.   And some dogs do not like being approached by strangers, even if it’s for a dog walking on leash, yellow dog projectkind little pat or hug.  The Yellow Dog Project was formed just for that reason – to bring awareness that not all dogs are social.  The placement of a yellow ribbon around the dog’s collar signifies that you should not approach the dog without first asking for permission.  This doesn’t necessary mean that the dog is aggressive.  It could just be that the dog just needs some space, maybe he is old or just had surgery.  The project is getting world-wide attention. The project now has over 12,000 followers all within the past six months.  A tip from Wagbrag – If you see a dog you want to pet, regardless if there is a yellow ribbon present , it’s always smart to first ask the pet’s parent if it’s okay to approach.


Photo: Courtesy of paulaloe via Flickr (CC by 2.0)

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