10 Gruesome Facts About Puppy Mills


Puppy Mill Facts

There’s no secret that puppy mills are horrible. However, when people are looking to buy a specific purebred dog, they sometimes knowingly, or unknowingly, acquire one that came from a puppy mill.

Places like your local pet shop will often get their dogs from puppy mills. Puppies sold online more times than not also come from puppy mills. A responsible breeder would never just hand off a dog without meeting the person who is looking to buy. Most operators of puppy mills don’t care about the dog’s wellbeing and will sell to whomever if the price is right — no questioned asked.

puppy mills

Remember, buying a purebred dog isn’t your only option. These dogs end up in shelters just like a mixed-breed dog would, so it’s important to check your local shelter before you start looking elsewhere. If you’re insistent about buying a purebred dog, then be sure to scope out a responsible breeder.

We’ve found 10 reason you should never buy a puppy mill dog — no matter how good the price may seem. Here are puppy mill facts you need to know.

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