The #1 Puppy Proofing Tip


Puppy Proofing Your Apartment

Are you thinking of getting a new puppy? Look out for toxic household plants, get rid of pesticides, lock food and medicines safely away.  These are all good common sense steps to follow. But here is one puppy proofing tip that doesn’t get a lot of mention – vacuum your home often and thoroughly.

Puppies are curious and they search the floor for anything they can chew on.  Drop a coin or a thumb tact and it could easily be found and digested by your puppy.  If you have young children in your family then think about vacuuming a couple of times a day to help keep the floor rid of small toys and food droppings. Follow the additional steps in the video below to keep your new puppy safe and to ensure success when bringing home a new puppy.

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