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Is it really possible to help animals with a smart phone? It is and here’s how.

With a single scan, you can find out if your favorite products or the ingredients of those products are tested on animals before bringing them to the marketplace.

Here’s some information on how to say no to companies that use animals for tests and help spread the word via social media.

Cruelty Cutter App

Cruelty Cutter is an app you can download from the App Store for iPhones and iPads as well as the Play Store for Android devices and is brought to you by the Beagle Freedom Project.

The Beagle Freedom Project in a non-profit organization dedicated to getting animals out of labs and ending dangerous animal testing forever. Their outreach and education programs work hand in hand with grass-roots campaigns to change current legislation that permits this kind of testing.

If making sure a product and its ingredients are never tested on animals is important to you, this app is a God send. It will save you time and energy because you no longer have to do research manually on a product before trying it out.

Here’s how it works: Scan the item you’re interested in and see if it’s got ingredients that are tested on animals. The information is instantaneous, kept up to date and even includes the PETA and “Leaping Bunny” information.

The Statistics are Still Staggering

Even in this time of animal compassion, 74,000 dogs were used for research as late as 2013. In fact, the venerated National Institutes of Health funded a whopping $263.5 million dollars’ worth of testing on dogs and $45.3 million of that figure was used on drug testing.

Everything from pharmaceuticals to pesticides to cancer is tested on these canines that are purchased outright from private sector companies breeding dogs just for the purpose of supplying them to testing facilities.

It’s All in the Information

You’ve no doubt heard the saying knowledge is power. With Cruelty Cutter you will be able to stay informed and make conscious choices about the brands you buy.Are the Products You Buy Using Animal Testing?

And what you do with that information can make a huge difference.

Let’s say you scan your favorite perfume and find out they test on animals.

The app offers you to “Bite Back” and simply allows you to share this product information through social media.

The opposite can also happen. You could scan a product and find that they are completely animal-test free. Shout it to the rooftops especially if it’s something your friends and family regularly buy.

And a Bonus Too!

Posting to social media sites can earn you some Doggie Dollars and you can redeem them for cruelty-free products.

Make downloading and using this app a priority for you and your family. It could make a great Christmas present for someone who is an animal lover and wants to avoid products tested on animals.

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