Tainted Pet Jerky Killed 1000 Dogs

tainted pet jerky
Tainted pet jerky killed 1000 dogs

Dog Deaths Caused By Tainted Pet Jerky!

The Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) has reported that more than 1000 dog deaths have been related to tainted pet jerky. 5000 complaints have rolled in since 2007. Most of the tainted pet jerky (chicken, duck, and sweet potato) was imported from China. Pet experts advise that concerned pet parents should read the food and treat packaging labels. However, the FDA warns that although the label may say “Made in the USA”, pet jerky could still have been sourced from China. That leaves many of us scratching our heads and wondering whether or not it’s safe to purchase pet jerky.

Pet Retailer Pulls All Tainted Pet Jerky from Stores

One nationwide pet retailer is saying “enough is enough” – PetCo CEO, Jim Myers announced that they will stop selling all pet treats manufactured in China throughout all of their 1300 stores. However, don’t expect to go shopping there tomorrow and find it free of China products. So what’s the catch? They announced they’d stop selling all products by the end of this year. Although PetCo is not stopping the sale of all Chinese products immediately, it’s a start. The hope is that other pet retailers will follow their example. Frankly, it’s about time that the pet food retailers cease selling pet products containing ingredients imported from China.

Some pet parents are just flat out avoiding all pet food products which contain chicken, duck and sweet potato. But those ingredients are in a lot of pet treats and pet food products. Many pet parents just want to keep up with the tainted pet treat recalls, which seem to be happening more and more frequently.

Do you, as a pet parent, feel overwhelmed with trying to keep up with the pet food & pet treat recalls?

You can find a list of all recalled tainted pet treats and pet products on the FDA website. But you may have to search around the FDA website – the site is not particularly intuitive. So here is what Wagbrag recommends you do so you can be alerted to any new pet recalls:

Dog Food Adviser

DogFoodAdvisor.com is a great resource for helping you stay informed about pet food products and potentially tainted pet jerky. DogfoodAvisor.com rates the health and quality of almost all dog food brands and helps you understand each of the ingredients used to produce that pet food. They also report on all pet food recalls. You can subscribe (for free) to receive email alerts on dog food recalls. That’s the easiest way to stay updated on the pet jerky recalls.

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