Friday Is Take Your Dog To Work Day: 4 Tips On How To Have Fun


Take Your dog to work day

Every year on June 20th, we celebrate canines around the world with the fun-filled event known as Take Your Dog to Work Day. On this day, we not only introduce our favorite four-legged friend to our co-workers, but also get to raise awareness for homeless dogs, all while encouraging adoption from local shelters, rescue organizations, and humane societies. What’s there not to love? Here, we’ve compiled a list of ways to have fun with your dog at work. Check out some of these activities below:

  1. Hold Contests

    This is a great way to bring recognition to each and every dog at your company. In the past, some categories included best trick, most talented, fastest runner and even highest jumper. Remember, these are just starting points so use your imagination to come up with other fun contest categories.

  1. Doggie Dress-Up

    Who doesn’t enjoy seeing dogs dress up in ridiculous costumes? Gather up every dog at your company and have them line up in some kind of whacky fashion. From there, let your dogs strut their stuff in a puppy parade. If you work in an environment where you’re required to wear a uniform, like a police officer or firefighter, have your canines mirror your image. Believe us, there’s nothing more enjoyable than watching a bunch of puppies crawling around a fire department in helmets and suspenders.

  1. Throw a Party

    Have each of your co-workers chip in for some sort of outdoor lunch. Whether you buy food from your local grocery store or set up a grill and barbecue the fare yourself, this is a great way to have both dogs and owners mingle together.  We recommend having a hot dog lunch, that includes all your favorite fixings, as well as dog bone-shaped cookies and doggie treats for the canines.

  1. Take Lots of Photographs

    Years and years from now, you want this day to be one to remember, which is why you’ll need to document each and every moment. With this activity, you can either take the photographs yourself and post them on your company’s website for everyone to see or you can hire a local photography company instead. If you do decide to hire an outside source to take the pictures, think about charging a small fee. Then, you can use the money you make off these photographs to not only cover the photographer’s costs, but also to donate proceeds to a nearby shelter.

take your dog to work day
Take your dog to work day

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