Top #5 Reasons Why Coconut Oil Is A Good Supplement For Dogs



coconut oil for dogs

Supplements can be confusing. You’ve heard from your doctor all about how you should be taking fish oil for your heart and brain, vitamin D for your immune system, baby aspirin to prevent heart attacks, on and on until its enough to make your head spin! If you doctor is telling you all about the supplements you ought to be taking for yourself, imagine what your veterinarian might recommend for your dog. You might hear a lot of strong opinions about what health boosters are best for your pooch. After doing some research, however, you may find that coconut oil is everything you and your dog need all in one handy supplement.

1. Better Metabolism

The benefits of coconut oil comes down to the Medium Chain Triglycerides or MCTs. MCTs allow your dog to metabolize the fuel they get from food immediately. You will love watching your dog become happier, healthier, more athletic and even lose weight! That is all a result of the coconut oil working hard to balance the thyroid which helps them feel more energetic and simultaneously shed some pounds. You dog may even get sick less often because of the lauric acid found in coconut oil. Lauric acid is antibacterial, antifungal and even antiviral. Imagine spending less time at the vet and more time playing. Now thats worth investing in.

2. Skin Benefits

When you give your dog coconut oil on a regular basis, you will be amazed what it does for your dogs overall healthy but especially what it does for their skin and coat. Dogs who suffer from flea allergies, eczema, contact dermatitis and even itchy skin will finally get some relief without all the trouble of heavy creams and antibiotics. You can even apply coconut oil directly to the infected area and watch as cuts, hot spots, bites, stings, dry skin and even heal to their former glory. Coconut oil actually disinfects cuts and so the healing process is accelerated. You’ll enjoy their healthy skin too when you notice how soft and shiny your dog’s fur becomes. Coconut oil even deodorizes.

Coconut oil


3. Preventative Measures

If your dog constantly suffers from fungal or yeast infections, coconut oil has got you covered. You won’t have to worry about recurring infections because the oil actually prevents infections from even beginning. That includes candida.

4. Happy Tummies

When you notice your dog losing weight. that is because their stomach function is actually improving. Nutrients are absorbed faster while the coconut oils aids in the healing of chronic digestive disorders. You’ve already been enjoying a nicer smelling coat on your dog, now you’ll get a chance to enjoy nicer breath too all because your doggie’s tummie is improving.

5. Preventing Disease

Thanks to those MCTs your dog is losing weight and playing more often. That is even the case for dogs with ligament problems and arthritis. Your dog won’t ache when they play because their joins will be improving all because of coconut oil.

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