Top 5 Reasons Why Olive Oil is a Good Supplement for Dogs


Olive Oil for Dogs

Olive oil contains a wealth of health benefits that humans and pets can reap, share, and enjoy. Not only is it a highly nutritious addition to any meal, but humans can also enjoy having lusher hair, clearer complexions, more essential fatty acids, and the myriad of the oil’s ever-expanding benefits. However, humans aren’t the only ones who can enjoy olive oil’s healing properties. Olive oil is an excellent food to incorporate into your dog’s diet, many of which are the same reasons why olive oil makes an outstanding for your diet as well. Supplementing your dog’s diet with olive oil gives your pet advantages such as the ones listed below:

1. Olive Oil Improves Your Dog’s Health

One of the olive oil’s most renowned properties is its ability to fight heart disease by improving cardiovascular health and regulating blood sugar levels. Regular olive oil consumption grants the same cardiovascular improvement to our dogs that it grants to us. By supplementing your dog’s diet with olive oil, you are treating your dog to a host of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and oleic acids. In turn, your dog can enjoy a strengthened immune system, improved heart health, increased energy, healthier weight, and reduced risk of developing cancer.

2. Olive Oil Enriches Your Dog’s Coat

Olive oil transforms your dog’s fur into a glossy, elegant coat that is so soft, you won’t be able to keep your hands to yourself. The nutrients and moisture present in olive oil can transform dry skin and hair into luxurious silk that is just as beautiful as it is irresistible to touch. The only dog that I’ve ever encountered with hair that felt like actual silk also happened to be the only dog that I’ve ever met whose owner fed him olive oil. Coincidence? I think not.

olive oil for dogs


3.Olive Oil Promotes Longevity

Olive oil promotes longevity in dogs as well. Olive oil’s anti-aging properties derive from its high antioxidant content. Antioxidants guard your cells against the gradual harm caused by free radicals, influencing visible symptoms of aging that range from wrinkles to skin deep symptoms like constant fatigue. By adding olive oil to your pet’s diet, you’re giving them the closest thing to the fountain of youth that a supermarket has to offer.

4. Olive Oil Improves Cognition

Olive oil can help keep your dog sharp throughout its latter years. Olive oil combats premature aging and senility by increasing blood flow to the brain which ultimately improves your dog’s cognitive functions. In other words, olive oil can literally improve the way your dog’s brain functions. Coupled with its reputation for increasing longevity, olive oil is the perfect supplement for enhancing cognition not only in aging dogs. Young dogs also experience enhanced cognition when you add olive oil into their diets.

5. More Advantages

Why choose some sketchy over-the-counter supplement over a tried-and-true method that involves one basic yet powerful ingredient? Be sure to use extra-virgin olive oil for everything because it is the healthiest and purest option available. Thanks to its flavor, you can slip two tablespoons of olive oil into your dog’s meals if topical application isn’t an option. A teaspoon a day for a 30 to 40 lb. dog, or up to a tablespoon for a large 90 lb. dog is what is what Deva Khalsa, VMD recommends. Bon Appétit!


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