Top 5 U.S. Places to Hike With Your Dog


Enjoy The Season to Its Fullest With These Great Destinations!

Hike with your dog

Fall is here! The world is light up with color and the air is finally cool enough to get out and enjoy. Before you indulge in carols and sledding, get out and enjoy the nice weather with your dog! The fall is full of colors, scents and critters your dog will delight in.You could enjoy a quiet walk down your neighborhood street, or you can switch it up and go on an adventure! Check out our five favorite places in the United States  to take our best canine companions.

Coming in at number five in our countdown of favorite places to hike with your dog is Mill Creek Canyon Trail in Moab, Utah. Moab is well known among the mountain biking community as a great place to visit. We think you and your dog will agree, its just as nice for a good hike. The grandeur of the Arches and Canyonland national parks are present in natural arches, sandstone spires and desert panoramas worthy of a postcard (or a blog post.) The Mill Creek Canyon Trail extends three, maze like miles over stream crossings and impressive sandstone canyon trails. After all your hard hiking, revel in the beautiful waterfalls and swimming holes. Your dog can wander leash free, but keep them within sound and sight range as there are poison sumac hidden in the underbrush.

Historical Hikes

At number four, we have the Gettysburg National Military Park in, you guessed it, Gettysburg Pennsylvania. You and your dog will love this lavish natural trail as soon as you see the stately statue of the Irish Wolfhound presiding over the memorial for the Irish Brigade in the Gettysburg National Military Park. Filled with courageous canine history, Gettysburg National Military Park still honors mans best friend with ten miles of leash bound exploration. The Billy Tank Trail winds to a eye view of the theater, Cemetery Ridge is strewn with cannons on open fields just before it opens up to the Peach Orchard and Wheatfield. Throughout the trail, you will get a chance to learn something new while your dog gets to enjoy the scenery.

Our number three favorite is Turtle Rock Trail in Wyoming. Let your dog wander leash free through the granite glory of the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest. The impressive rock formations have been the joy of rock climbers for years but you and your dog are just as welcome to enjoy the mesmerizing landscape and maze of rock and trail. Enjoy the privacy of the Vedauwoo Recreation Area, dog delighting marshy wetlands and miniature waterfalls.

hiking with your dog

Rewards Routes

Number two is Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area in Oregon. Did you know that the entire Oregon coastline is public land? This is to do with the extreme cliffs and thick green headlands no car could cross, but you and your dog can explore freely. Make your way to the beach Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and enjoy 40 miles of shore and the largest dunes in the United States. Walk along the wind-swept Tahkenitch Trail before it drops open to your own personal beach with a fantastic video of the seemingly endless Pacific Ocean.

Finally! At our number one spot, we have chosen the Mesa Trail in Boulder Colorado. Boulder Colorado is known for its dog loving philosophy. Drive to the apex of the Baseline and Grant streets (just below the University of Colorado campus) and the ditch your car for some epic off-leash adventuring. Enjoy wildlife ranging from deer to cougars, scenic sandstone and winding trails. Top off your journey with rapturous wildflowers perfect for picking and for rolling in.

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