Two Stars are Born! County Shelter Dogs Featured in Play!


Two Dog Stars are Born!


LifeLine’s Fulton County Animal Services dogs, Hector and Autumn, are doing fantastic jobs in their acting debuts in Serenbe Playhouse production Of Mice and Men which began June 9 and runs through the 25th! The dogs have very important roles, not only as actors, but also as ambassadors who bring awareness to the number of dogs, young and old, in shelters and in need of good homes. Serenbe Playhouse Founder & Artistic Director Brian Clowdus is fostering the dogs and will be holding an adoption event for them this Saturday, June 18 before the show.



Two dogs from LifeLine Animal Project’s Fulton County Animal Services have made their stage debut in Serenbe Playhouse’s production “Of Mice and Men”. Senior shelter boy “Hector” and puppy “Autumn” were featured in the show which opened June 9 and runs through June 25. Serenbe Playhouse Founder & Artistic Director Brian Clowdus is fostering Hector and Autumn and will be holding an adoption event for them before the show on June 18th and during intermission. They’ll also be profiled and promoted in the show’s playbill. Please visit for more information and tickets.

“We are always looking for creative new ways to promote our shelter pets and get them adopted,” says Karen Hirsch, public relations director at LifeLine Animal Project. “So when Serenbe approached, we were excited to participate.”

“The Playhouse is honored to be partnering with LifeLine Animal Project to work with recently rescued dogs Hector and Autumn for this production,” says Brian. Beyond adding an incredible touch of realism and heart that only Serenbe Playhouse can provide, we hope to raise awareness of dogs, both young and old, in need of homes across Atlanta, and to help promote the LifeLine principle: adopt, don’t shop!” says Playhouse Founder & Artistic/Executive Director Brian Clowdus.

of mice and men
Autumn and Hector

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A nonprofit founded in 2002, LifeLine Animal Project provides lifesaving solutions to end the euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals in county shelters. LifeLine manages DeKalb and Fulton County Animal Services, as well as a private rehabilitative shelter and two LifeLine Spay & Neuter Clinics. LifeLine cares for over 27,000 animals annually and has performed over 95,

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