New Pet Carrier Features A Window For Your Animal


It’s safe to say many pets do not like going into a pet carrier because they usually associate it with going places like the vet or taking a long ride where they will be cooped up in a dark space. It can be scary, especially since most dog and cat carriers only have mesh screens for your furry friend to see what’s happening and where they are going.

Luckily, the folks at U-Pet have created carriers with windows to help ease your pet’s mind when it’s time to travel. The line includes traditional carriers and also backpacks, which seem to be very popular. “Give your pets a window to the world, they also want to enjoy the scenery,” reads the company’s ad.

u-pet cat carriers backpack

[Image via U-Pet]

The carriers cost around $100, and are available on the company’s website and Amazon. Many of the styles are out of stock on Amazon, but the reviews have been pretty good. “I just bought this carrier and I love it! I have a small Scottish Fold and I have hated just about every single carrier I have purchased. The fit awkwardly, constantly hitting my hip and shaking my cat. Th is one doesn’t! It fits comfortably for both of us! 10/10,” one person wrote.

Of course every pet is different! So it’s best to do your research first before you buy, but U-Pet does claim their carriers are non-toxic, feature a soft cushion and breathable air holes.

Head over to U-Pet for more information.

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