WagBrag Saves Dogs’ Lives with “Very Special Pet” Program and Gives Back To Animals In Need

ATLANTA – WagBrag.com, a provider of timely and relevant news about pet health, wellness, training and rescue, announced the launch of a new program called “Very Special Pets” (VSP), designed to benefit the homeless pet population within targeted communities.

Through the VSP program, WagBrag partners with no-kill pet rescue organizations that have a reputation in their community for doing excellent work.

Since the launch in October 2014, WagBrag has donated to multiple organizations in the metro-Atlanta area, including Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption, Our Pal’s Place, Lifeline Animal Project, and Rescue Me GA.

WagBrag received a big thank you from Rescue Me GA (RMG), who where “blown away” with the generous gift donated to the organization. Shortly after the donation, RMG was able to save eight extremely neglected dog’s lives from a hoarding case. Because of the donation, RMG was able to give these dogs the support they desperately needed. Marybeth Rathbun, Co-Founder of RMG wrote, “Your generosity has already helped to save lives…We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and from these little souls who had no chance.”

“WagBrag is looking to fund the great work these pet rescue organizations are already doing”, says Russell Boles, Co-Founder of WagBrag.com. “Our objective is to make a tangible impact in the re-homing of pets, one community at a time. And the best way to do that is to partner with local shelters.”

Wagbrag readers can help support the homeless pet population and the VSP program in a couple of simple ways. “First, visit Wagbrag.com often, as we post useful pet health and wellness information, as well as compelling rescue stories. Also, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook if you don’t already. Our advertisers provide the funds that we need to help our pet communities,” comments Russell. Additionally, if you have a compelling animal rescue story, whether you rescued the animal yourself, or your local shelter did, email that story to WagBrag. Your story may be featured on the website, and possibly even considered as a candidate for the VSP program.

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The founders of Wagbrag.com have long known that pets enrich our lives in countless ways. They teach us compassion, responsibility, humility and the true meaning of friendship. We designed Wagbrag to inform people on how to help their animal companions live happier, healthier lives.

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